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Light of Dalian night landscape swims
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Line brief introduction Line range:The day is visited to count inside Dalian city:1 provides line:Dalian travel agent circuit grade:Traffic means of B:Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning (luxurious medium cling to) original quoted price:50 Favourable quote:Scheduling of specification of journey of ¥ 30:Set out towards evening, visit Zhongshan music square (attend Russia of full-bodied foreign pattern day to build)- - friendly square (the historical culture center of Dalian)- - triumphal square- - hope square (the building of visiting Romanesque style)- - labor park watchs scene station- - people square (call Sidalin square again, the administration that is Dalian city and judicatory center)- - Olympic square. Russia amorous feelings a street, northeast the first high-rise, stage of scene of view of world trade edifice appreciates the Dalian beautiful scenery in curtain of night (40 yuan / person, free at one's own expenses tourist attraction) charge specification:1* includes trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning to expend, excellent guidebook serves cost, travel agent is safe. 2* is not included at one's own expenses, free tourist attraction, world trade edifice watchs scene station 40 yuan / person. Service specification:Day black hotel sets out, the car receives a car to send, recieve every day. Dalian travel books 24 hours of advisory phones: Related 0411-39633099 85868589 tourist attraction