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Inside Dalian city one day swims
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Line brief introduction Line range:The day is visited to count inside Dalian city:1 provides line:Dalian travel agent circuit grade:Traffic means of 4:Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning (luxurious medium cling to) original quoted price:100 Favourable quote:Scheduling of specification of journey of ¥ 80:

In the morning 8: 30 before receive a visitor to hotel or station. Visit large building of northeast and highest Dalian world trade (contain 40 yuan) , the Dalian with busy overlook is deep-sea dock landscape, look down at the downtown city situation with hill monochromatic sea, the charm theme park that visits the sea (contain 10 yuan) , can visit 18 turns by car of the sightseeing inside garden, blame slope big banyan, charge provides for oneself.

The park of past Dalian is exclusive ocean of beach of tiger of 5 class A before taking a car (free) , sightseeing houseboat (free) , skip extremely (free) , 4 dimension cinema (free) , sea product supermarket. The seaside road with edge the most beautiful Dalian, zoo of mountain of bridge of square of way tiger carve, Beijing University, bird's nest, Fu Jiazhuang, forest, arrive at the Asia's biggest astral sea square, emperor inferior marine park (free) .

Free at one's own expenses tourist attraction: The sightseeing houseboat of island of cinema of park of tiger beach ocean, 4 dimension, Chui visitting a bar, skip extremely, dark in the zoo, emperor inferior marine park.

Charge specification:(contain: Pound choose?0 yuan danger of responsibility of cost of entrance ticket of entrance ticket of world trade edifice, park of 10 yuan of Hai Zhiyun, tourist guide, travel agent) . Arrange have dinner place midday, food expenses provides for oneself. Service specification:

This course is to tour the line with best road of Dalian city situation, coastal romantic lover.