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Dalian self-help swims
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Line brief introduction Line range:Dalian visits a day to count:1 provides line:Dalian travel agent circuit grade:Traffic means of 3:Car of air conditioning of whole journey travel is primitive quote:0 Favourable quote:Scheduling of specification of journey of ¥ 0:Medicinal powder guest self-help swims circuit: Romantic Dalian self-help is visited- - fashionable travel new option! The first: Connection stands originally, this station will ask according to yours, book good travel, room alone for you, rent a car, have dinner, tourist guide is waited a moment, the main item that you need. The 2nd: You set out from warm home. Touch beautiful Dalian. The 3rd: You oneself decide the journey, we serve for you by your requirement; 2 day or day or 5 days of 3 day, 4 need that see you. The 4th: End elegant travel; We will be arrived at according to you, the time that leaves Dalian, and measure a body to have something made to order for you to demand of tourist attraction, price visit the journey. Clew: Hut sends Mei Wei to wring wring bright rotten? of thing of shaming sip cent is accordingly on travel quote tower above of price of relatively can traditional travel a lot of, ask the take into consideration the circumstances when tourist friends are choosing travel way to notice self-help swims the introduction: One, the characteristic that self-help swims: Self-help swims to pass into our country by western country. Its main characteristic is: 1: Use Internet technology, tourist can form a delegation freely and choose a participant, freedom chooses a route, through the network travel serves a company, tourist is OK " self-help " the ground books travel course, choose traffic way, book hotel tourist guide... the expert system that adopts tiring-room server, travel company still can be the consumer that lacks travel experience to offer advisory opinion, tourist wants dub mouse only, all arrangements are held by network travel company do -- tourist is troubled for traffic, board and lodging, course no longer. Visible, individuation serves one of characteristics that self-help of network of it may be said travels. 2: The characteristic of self-help form: The choice travel course of the freedom of be fond of that self-help travel is passenger him basis, it is a kind of of travel new form. Self-help travel has two kinds of forms commonly: One kind is the self-help travel on complete meaning, everything is operated by him traveler; Another kind is organized by travel website, its journey, standard all decide by him passenger. According to diverse demand of the passenger, adopt " total package value " , " half packets of price " or travel " 6 element " medium individual service. Make when the passenger has vacation, set out with respect to when, want to stay a few days in where, although press oneself opinion,do. In the process that travel website books ticket of plane ticket, train ticket, car, ship ticket, favourable guest room for tourist generation, can produce large quantities of amounts " room, eat, car " purchase an advantage, make the tourist enjoys more convenient, cost more the service of the province, tourist realizes the gain that consumes to this kind. 2, the characteristic that Dalian self-help swims: A few when in swimming Dalian self-help now, need main data release as follows: 1: The main tourist attraction of Dalian: Dalian visits main component to be 3 parts namely: A: The urban district goes sightseeing -- Dalian - romantic the characteristic is it is setting with the sea, it is with green rely on, it is a brand with beautiful urban environment, it is carrier with large travel activity, of the young and contemporary romance that is appeal with the characteristic travel project and fashionable dress city, football city, countryside of track and field, luminous city. ★ tourist attraction is as follows: ◆ 1, female ranger of stage of scene of view of edifice of trade of world of Dalian of individual character Dalian another feelings -- ◆ of of Dalian railroad car 2, the street of building Russia amorous feelings of exotic amorous feelings, , guesthouse of astral sea international exhibition center, Dalian (build) , Dalian is contemporary museum, natural museum ◆ 3, dotted: Brigade arranges a scenery -- brigade read smoothly, be located in Dalian southwest to be apart from downtown 46.8 kilometers, drive a vehicle makes an appointment with 50 minutes. Brigade arranges can to call recent history museum, the strategic position with suitable brigade is very significant, element has " Beijing ferry portal " and " the Bohai Sea is guttural " say. The first selection of the brigade of Dalian red, those who condensed northeast is modern history, it is the base of patriotism. Have representative tourist attraction quite: Garden of cemetery of revolutionary martyrs of fort of cliff of site of prison of Russia of tower of garden of tiger of Bai Yushan, naval port, 203 uplands, lion, victory, friendship tower, day, report, Su Jun, pearl. C: Travel of inscriptions beach country goes vacationing area -- ramble " of the garden after " Dalian, "The match is in in Beijing, sightseeing Dalian " , "Romantic " Dalian already pushed group of one's life experience famous travel city, mention now what is what can people think of Dalian above all commonly? It is an environment, "U.N. person resides award " , " 500 beautiful of whole ball condition " , " award of Chinese house environment " wait for a series of award obtaining is really admire evil spirit compatriots: Dalian person is to live in really " green " in happiness, dalian is worthy of is " urban garden " -- however you can know, in the Dalian of show of sea of green jade female flower, shamrock, still one place is called " the garden after Dalian " superexcellent resort: Travel of inscriptions beach country goes vacationing area. The tourist attraction has: Badge with sb on it of house of waxwork of inscriptions golf club, celebrity, Mao Zedong displays interest of park of garden of the house, house that enjoy rock, inscriptions, weather international of coast of 10 lis of garden, gold, inscriptions chases 2 house of fierce of club, China: The traffic situation of Dalian: You can call my company directly or explain when be booked on the net, signal your return traffic demand us, we will serve for you wholeheartedly! 3: The accommodation circumstance of Dalian: Dalian is the city that a travel develops, element has " northward Hong Kong " beautiful praise, the guesthouse class here is all ready, specific the hotel that visits this station please is booked. 4: The meal circumstance of Dalian: The characteristic here basically is given priority to with seafood, if each self-help swims,lover has the demand of other to food, contact with this station ahead of schedule please, this station will booked your eat for you beforehand.
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