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Dalian puts hot spring of hill of cloud of valley channel, pace on the ice 2 day
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Put hot spring of hill of cloud of valley channel, pace on the iceLine brief introduction Line range:Dalian city visits a day to count:2 provides line:Dalian travel agent circuit grade:Traffic means of B:Whole journey is luxurious air conditioning car is primitive quote:298 Favourable quote:¥ 260 yuan / person Journey specification scheduling:

The first day: Early 7: 30 Dalian set out to channel glacial valley, yun Shuidu, celestial being is visited to cross after lunch, valley of stone of the lover island, peak that greet a visitor, firm rock in midstream, lover stone, double Long Hui, fingered citron, ice is lucky Shi Jindiao cliff, visit by ship flower that lake, , the Xiaogui austral distant forest, pleasure ground of garden of amorous feelings of belle stone, one leaf stone, Ma Baifeng, nation, small Guilin, the first temple austral distant " holy water temple " . After dinner, enter a public house. Live: Celestial being hole is pressed down

The following day: After breakfast, by the car hot spring of hill of the cloud that go to a pace goes vacationing village, view and admire the world most corridor of millstones of the wonderful view austral distant (shop of on 10 thousand dishes of stone mill is collected to be become with respect to in the 48 villages and towns austral distant) , as if place oneself at farming agrarian times: Visit the dragon pool lake with elegant scene: The Ou Shi that does not have emotional appeal is villatic. The experience of systemic heart is costly outdoor characteristic hot spring washs the bath, joy that swims to be brought to you. Here will become famous scenic spot of large and recreational travel, after lunch, the end is happy and itinerary, return Dalian.

Charge specification:1, entrance ticket: The biggest entrance ticket, hot spring washs the tourist attraction bath entrance ticket 2, traffic: Whole journey trailer coach 3, have dinner: 1 early 3 (prandial 10 people one desk, 8 dish one soup) 4, accommodation: Common 4-6 world 5, tourist guide: Excellent guidebook serves 6, danger of travel agent responsibility and children of danger of person accident harm: 150 yuan / person (do not occupy 1.2 meters below bed, contain hot spring entrance ticket, * to contain the saddle, * that contain eat) the service explains:
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