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Dalian puts valley channel on the ice one day to swim
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Line brief introduction Line range:City of Dalian village river visits a day to count:1 provides line:Dalian travel agent circuit grade:Traffic means of A:Whole journey is luxurious air conditioning trailer coach is primitive quote:288 Favourable quote:¥ 190 yuan / person Journey specification scheduling:In the morning 7: 30 gather send a car, by Che Fuzhuang hole of river celestial being is pressed down (drive a vehicle restricts 3 hours) , yun Shuidu, celestial being goes sightseeing to cross by yacht after lunch, double Long Hui, stone trying a sword, go sightseeing by yacht peak of stone of sail of chute of dam of flower accept lake, double dragon, Gu, fingered citron stone, belle stone, prostrate, , day of a gleam of, cloud door smoke is cultivated, pull Sheng Feng, beauty spot of small valley river, the tourist attraction such as temple of water of garden of amorous feelings of small smooth lake, small Guilin, folk-custom, emperor. Late 8: 00 the left and right sides returns Dalian (visit 2 times by ship) . Charge specification:1. Contain entrance ticket of whole tourist attraction 2, have dinner: Include prandial farmhouse local color 8 dish one soup, 10 people one desk (1) ; 3, traffic: Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning is expended, cross travelling expenses. 4, tourist guide: Excellent guidebook serves whole journey; 5, insurance of travel agent liability and specification of service of accident harm danger:

Come every year in April in November the middle ten days of a month, recieve Dalian travel to book 24 hours to refer a telephone call every day: 0411-39633099 85868589.

[friendship hints] this course is one of circuitry of Dalian convention travel, distance urban district is further, send car time early so. Element has " northward small Guilin " the channel glacial valley that say is you close and natural landscape, experience virgin forest, experience pastoral absolutely the main chance.