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Dalian brigade arranges circuitry of the high-quality goods inside city one day
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Line brief introduction Line range:Dalian city visits a day to count:One day provide line:Dalian travel agent circuit grade:Traffic means of B:Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning (luxurious medium cling to) original quoted price:138 Favourable quote:¥ 80 yuan Dalian brigade arranges circuit one day to swim Journey specification scheduling:

Brigade is gone to to arrange by BUS after breakfast (Cheng of 45 kilometers car makes an appointment with 45 minutes)

Division of way Dalian software park, college, view and admire area of scene of bay of river of pond of the Dragon King, tower on the way, recent history is visited after touching brigade to arrange vestigial, qing Daihai prevents fort, area of scene of white Mt Jade (naval weapons shop) (38 yuan) , area of scene of nature science center, museum of brigade suitable snake (38 yuan) , the car sees Russian type build tower of railway station of brigade read smoothly, victory, crocodilian garden (provide for oneself) , sea product terminal market,

The Asia inside city's greatest emperor is returned after lunch inferior marine world, polar world, coral world (provide for oneself) China's biggest seaside square - regression of 97 Hong Kong commemorates astral bay square -- ornamental columns erected in front of palaces, the testimony that Dalian has taken hundred years vicissitudes of life -- carve of hundred years city, car You Lang floods lover district -- seaside road, aid of city of a poetic name of China of friendly city north is built -- Beijing University bridge, exterior of mountain of bird's nest of by way of, tiger carve square.

Charge specification:

1. contains brigade to arrange a tourist attraction to expend 76 yuan / person, 2. Contain tourist guide cost, whole journey cost of fare of travel of luxurious air conditioning, pass by, travel agent insurance premium, 3. Do not contain eat cost. 4. Do not contain free at one's own expenses tourist attraction.

Service specification: