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Dalian inscriptions beach swims one day
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Line brief introduction

Line range: Dalian city
Visit day of number: 1
Provide line: Dalian travel agent
Circuit grade: A
Traffic means: Trailer coach of whole journey air conditioning (luxurious in cling to)
Original quoted price: 138
Privilege quotes: ¥ 88 yuan / person

The journey explains
Scheduling: In the morning 8: 30 before receive a visitor to hotel or station. Developing zone of by way of arrives at inscriptions beach about 50 minutes. Chase (each 2 hair bullet) visit golf field (practice a ball 3 times freely each) , the throughout the country's biggest waxwork house, gold coasting, award stone house, mao Zedong badge with sb on it displays outer door scene of house, China fierce house. Inscriptions berth visiting sea grinds high-tech center.
Charge explains: 1. Contain inscriptions beach to order entrance ticket, cover a bill 90 yuan / person 2. Contain tourist guide cost, whole journey cost of fare of travel of luxurious air conditioning, pass by, travel agent insurance premium, 3. (do not contain eat cost, arrange have dinner place midday, food expenses provides for oneself. )
The service explains: Ground setting out orders a public house or be you the place that live sets out, free car receives the 4 areas inside city the car sends. Dalian travel books 24 hours of advisory phones: 0411- 85868589 39633099

[book a method] those who attend amuse oneself before today the phone informs this stopping of place, number, complete
Car of Cheng Haohua air conditioning is received send.

[friendship hints] this course is one of circuitry of Dalian convention travel, the even more precious than gold, China that ask of the romance of golf of lever of the amorous feelings that thinks 0 distances experience gold coasting, brandish, explore leaves millions upon millions years ago is unique, the world extremely infrequent, earth cannot reborn Gushi trace, this circuitry is right choice.