Dalian seascape hotel
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Dalian seascape hotelDalian seascape hotel
Dalian seascape hotelDalian seascape hotel
Picture of more of Dalian seascape hotel... Dalian seascape hotel 1998 practice, 2004 overhaul, it is northeast area the business affairs hotel of level of grade of first 5 stars, by China difficult trade group and Australia international invest a company joint-stock. The hotel is located in harbour square, the building is 32 tall, have 123 guest room, the area between the standard 54 square metre, guest room establishment is decorated press international entirely guest room of hotel of 5 stars class is deployed. Indoor and tonal downy, adornment is high-grade and elegant, furniture fastidious. The room deployed the apparatus developing tone that movie channel, coffee and tea can set inside system of system of pilot air conditioning, international satellite TV, hotel alone, small-sized bar, freezer, Israel to produce safe of the type that brush card, fax and Internet to insert aperture, fission double bath establishment.

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