Public house of Dalian new world
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Hotel picture Electronic map I want a comment Examine comment onThe public house is big
The public house is bigHotel old hall
Hotel old hallHotel guest room
Picture of more of hotel guest room... public house of   Dalian new world is what invest construction by limited company of management of new world public house is luxurious hotel of 5 stars class, the hotel is located in the central position of area of commerce of people road banking, the commercial banking division such as street of proximate Zhongshan square, democratic square, harbour square, Tianjin, be apart from Dalian railway station 1.2 kilometers; Be apart from airport of week of Shui Ziguo border 15 kilometers; Square of the sea that be apart from a star 4.5 kilometers; Be apart from area of travel of tiger beach scenery 5 kilometers, situation is advantageous, traffic is convenient, the ideal that is business affairs, travel occupies place.
Hotel general at the practice end 2008, set comfortable and design vogue, convenient guest room in all 426, every guest room all deserves to safe of channel of TV of liquid crystal TV, domestic international satellite, small freezer, electron, speech leaves a message the modern establishment such as network of system, broadband. Dish hall designs environmental tradition in already elegance, respectfully present for you first-rate Guangdong and local dish; Coffee room offers round-the-clock dined concept and free cookbook, supply Asia and international cate. Environment of corridor of old hall wine is relaxed and enjoyable, suit to be enjoyed here life-giving cocktail and close and fastfood. Additionally the hotel still sets the recreational fitness establishment such as center of indoor swimming-pool, fitness, sauna center.

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