Big public house of Dalian gold sea
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Picture of guest room more... big public house of sea of   Dalian gold is a concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that is located in beauty spot of tiger beach travel hotel of 5 stars class, the hotel is proximate and naval institute of Dalian naval ships and park of tiger beach ocean, be apart from Dalian railway station 4 kilometers; Be apart from airport of week of Shui Ziguo border 18 kilometers, the hotel draws near according to hill sea environment is elegant, traffic is convenient, it is you travel, be away on official business, the good place of business affairs, fete.
Hotel in March 2007 portion practice, the building is 12 tall, mutual guest room 131, every guest room all deserves to domestic international dials directly TV of interface of network of phone, broadband, number, confuse you, the establishment such as crock of desk of private safe, delicate teak, independent bath and shower, and major room all uses 50 much square metre exceed large space design, will surely bring for your journey life super- the enjoyment of common. The hotel still is had get together hall of sea Chinese meal and 18 Chinese food that provide contemporary and romantic breath extremely include a house, the dish of another name for Guangdong Province of the lubricious fragrance completely that can let you taste savor to reach cooking of hutch of each district name by Hong Kong total hutch and pure Dalian seafood.