Xiaoshan first floor Why dump the hotel building will be announced this month
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Days of sunshine seemed to sweep past the haze, there have been "Xiaoshan first floor," said the Xiaoshan International Hotel looks all normal, although the average room occupancy rate was only about 30%. A few suites in the hotel, the bankruptcy and reorganization of the Working Group has been a busy 4 months more. As early as July 27 this year, this newspaper has reported more than 200 customers to discuss Extreme card failed to coupons, with a little gunpowder gathered in the hotel lobby. Hotel was "bankrupt" the message in the local uproar. This building opened in 1996, 1999, commentary on the four-star, former Xiaoshan landmark hotel, this was born in Xiaoshan "New Century" that the country's oldest private-star hotel on the land, how would go to building what would be inclined the point? Why come this far Making mistakes over the years, the dissolution of the east wall pay Paul Time fell back to 7 years. In 2003, the Xiaoshan International Hotel implementation of equity restructuring, when he was Secretary of Xiaoshan Yu Jian food in the sea as chairman. Xiaoshan Yu Jian supply system is the way to the party and government cadres, it seems, the way he did in business was not optimistic about his and his own imagination so simple. Several hotel operators in the decision-making, property room sales and distribution Financing Extreme card, went to Jiangxi development of real estate, etc. These initiatives attempt to revitalize the hotel assets result is to make the hotel a step by step in deep quagmire. A bearing debt management decision-making after the first error - Property Trading Room This has been too awkward in the Yu Jian, took over the hotel at the time, took over the hotel with a heavy burden. According to present preliminary audit, the hotel conversion in 2003 when the debt amounted to tens of millions, while more than 400 employees. Four-star level, ahead of the decoration, the star of the average profit margin of 5% of the surface is far less brilliant. In 2004, the hotel property in the country turbulent time in the Yu Jian made a bold decision, to more than 400 hotel rooms property for sale. Taizhou Bao is the property of the major clients of these rooms, one of the Taizhou Yu had personally recommended to him. Bao and Yu met early training of cadres in the provincial supply and marketing system. "At that time the hotel property is just emerging and I went a few times in Xiaoshan, really good to see the hotel operating conditions, compared to open hotel rooms than those who trade more secure property rights, let alone control of Yu in person," Martin said he not only to buy their own, and also recommend their friends and family have bought. A room of 40 square meters priced at more than 30 million. Investors bought, the hotel back rent, rental yield 8% per year, ten years later buy back the original price. In addition, investors can also enjoy 15 days per year free of charge room, but also 4,500 hotel discount coupons. However, starting from February 2008, Mr. Bao was to never get a monthly rent of 2,000 yuan. It now appears that property sell rooms but took over early in the face of debt Yu expedient to the hotel about 5% of profits each year how can it support 8% of the rent. The actual capital of this financing is 1 billion yuan (to sell through intermediaries, have high marketing costs), the annual rent to be paid amounted to 1200 million.