Five-star hotel marketing test the water buy online
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Five-star hotel, in the eyes of ordinary Internet users is a luxury: luxury suites, indoor pool, upscale restaurant ... ... but in the eyes of practitioners but there are a lot conceal "waste of resources" idle embarrassment. The gradual emergence of buy guide Mass consumption to high-end, while the high-end consumer is gradually cast aside close to the public. Recently, well-known 800 group buy co-founder of Web site navigation Hu Chen told reporters, buy practitioners have been optimistic about the five-star hotel in this part of the "idle resources", which specialized on-line to buy the first house five Star hotel "resources" buy website. According to reports, this called the "five-star sink" buy website will be formally launched on November 29, five-star hotel aimed at upscale restaurants, cafes to buy food and beverage service, and to the five-star hotel accommodation, leisure Buy other services such as extension activities. At present, the Five Star Health has launched a trial with 800 groups operating activities: exchange sites by the five-star five-star hotel offers 300 free buffet coupons, and 10 bed room nights sleep free trial coupon, five-star 800 Group Health and the common through the "double up", "registered Ji Song vouchers," "Lucky Draw" and a series of preferential measures to attract users attention to "buy high-end activities." Have e-commerce experts believe that, buy a new, most fashion e-commerce model in this explosive growth, but consumer traps, the service has shrunk and other issues are endless. Customers that group activities, in particular food and beverage category Purchase long-term stay in the thirty or forty dollars of the "hot pot, Mala Tang stage", as many businesses reduce low level of service and an excuse to shirk its responsibility. On the other hand, five-star hotel accommodation services, particularly food subsidiary Drink business there is often a "ghost towns" of the embarrassing situation, a lot of waste of resources. The lack of the necessary high-end consumer sentiment, quality of life of ordinary people eager to supply and demand patterns in the five-star sinks found such buy a breakthrough. "Buy Gradually break the traditional sense of the public 'high consumption' psychological boundaries, gradually moving toward the high end. In the face of buy development, high-end consumption should begin to 'cast aside', which will become a trend. "The person who Is said. Hu Chen told reporters, has grown up in the majority of buy site has its own characteristics, handle, U.S. corporations and other large sites main "urban front", the expanding scale of their enterprises, engaged in activities many tricks buy . While other sites were to buy the vertical field of cosmetics buy, buy food, the future may even be a hot buy, buy, and so a regional tour. "This is contrary to the requirements of the site navigation buy up more," said Chen Hu, buy navigate site has grown from the original "simple the site included" to "by category, by geographical real-time classification," and the need for the user Other services derived from the stage. It is reported that 800 groups included in the domestic network has nearly a thousand daily activity information buy website, providing buy-style navigation, and content aggregation list. Comments also increased the buy, buy expiration reminder, buy maps, second-hand sale Number of auxiliary functions such as Internet users buy pre-reference and entry. In addition, the Group of 800 network wap version and the mobile client (iPhone and Android version) has also been on the line. "User requirements for the facilities and buy now to navigate through the site to achieve," said Chen Wu, Group 800 plans and buy site to take a more in-depth cooperation, including in the navigation station to achieve "one-click purchase" and to promote the five-star Meeting these "high" buy consumption. "Buy to order a higher level and quality of development is the future trend."