Eight Note: to teach you knowledge of hotel cleaning
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One familiar with the area of responsibility in charge of health, health area of responsibility to understand the situation and the specific amount of equipment and facilities. On the charge of the area and office supplies, equipment and facilities and the quality of failure and times to repair the damage. Second, the familiar and master in charge of the area of responsibility of the Health and health standards to be achieved. Third, many times a day according to health standards for clean sweep of the charge of the health district. Fourth, room attendants must master the control room guests, and timely service with communication with the lobby, guests fate of the feedback information, to prevent out of control. Fifth, we must promptly clean up after the guests check out items, cleaning items with the provisions and meet the new guests arrive. Six guests to be warm and sincere, polite, to the room to use articles, notes made clear with the guests, especially the security door water heaters and other items susceptible to failure. Seven of the guests request, to the extent possible to meet, to meet the patient can not be explained. Eight floors Kai Shuifang responsible for the management, open and closed at the stipulated time.