Dalian richly cafe of Hua Nashan garden
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Dalian richly cafe of Hua Nashan gardenDalian richly cafe of Hua Nashan garden
Dalian richly cafe of Hua Nashan gardenDalian richly cafe of Hua Nashan garden
Dalian richly picture of more of cafe of Hua Nashan garden...   Dalian richly cafe of Hua Nashan garden is a hotel that owns day type court. The hotel reposes at the Nashanzhi with Dalian city pretty scenery to the foot of a hill or mountain, arboretum leans south, north faces Ming Zehu, communication is easy, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, air is fresh.
The hotel has guest room of of all kinds garden. Among them the guest room of large view scene of 52 square metre, set round balcony, can admire court beautiful scenery directly, incomparable luxurious, comfortable as exalted as yours savour happen to have the same view. Collect apartment and scriptorium inside villa of type of 11 at an organic whole luxurious Europe everything needed is ready of of all kinds establishment, can satisfy the different requirement of business traveler person. All villatic apartment rooms are deployed adjustable lukewarm fission type air conditioning and concentration heating equipment. Distinctive western building color and Lin Meijing of home of day type emperor are shirt-sleeve, give a person the sense with pure and fresh nature.
Hotel stock of all kinds is delicate cate. The dining-room in the boundless blessing building that collects China cate and local seafood, let you to the top of one's bent cheek; Have the office of LAFAYETTE Western-style food of full-bodied France characteristic, assemble food of Western-style and elegant beauty; The Japanese large kitchen of dining-room of great river door is acted according to for you on the most authentic Japan arrange. Of 500 square metre muti_function hall and big, little assembly room, the dinner service that deserves to have major and advanced lighting sound equipment, can reach product news briefing to wait for holding meeting of all sorts of performances, exhibition, business affairs.