Dalian beautiful scene hotel
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Hotel picture Hotel fact scene is revealed Electronic map I want a comment Examine comment onDalian beautiful scene (Jia Bai) hotel - hotel exterior
Dalian beautiful scene (Jia Bai) hotel - hotel exteriorDalian beautiful scene (Jia Bai) hotel - the public house is big
Dalian beautiful scene (Jia Bai) hotel - the public house is bigDalian beautiful scene (Jia Bai) hotel - the pagoda tree spends Western-style food hall
Dalian beautiful scene (Jia Bai) hotel - picture of more of hall of pagoda tree beautiful Western-style food... Dalian beautiful scene hotel is Chinese northeast one of hotels of class of star of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals with the earliest zone, by Oriental Jia Bai hotel management company is managed, be Dalian overlooks the lake exclusively at present hang out one's shingle hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of 4 stars class. Hotel of Dalian Li Jingda reposes at urban the eastpart part beach of famous tiger of area of scene of national 4A class, dalian has the view scene way of characteristic alone—Bank the polar animal with the largest scale of park of ocean of beach of bathhouse of seawater of chamfer of hotel of sea route general and guesthouse of wooden club insularity, stone, tiger, world is exhibited perform bridge of house, Beijing University to wait for tourist attraction of well-known view area to be linked together.
Beautiful scene hotel leans on Dalian hill draws near the sea, the scenery is pretty, air Qing Dynasty is bright, those faces exalted community and fishing person dock. The hotel is in charge of a design building by company of the construction in the Japanese bamboo of celebrated world, structure having a unique style. Enter a hotel to be able to experience building and reflect of hill sea facies, admire the beautiful scenery with sea uniform nature. Wind is faced by the sea in hotel guest room, dining-room, pure and fresh what no matter be to working,the sea wind of happy person lets you still is to go vacationing in experience relaxed and satisfied feelings. The hotel is located in the region of commercial finance gold with the most flourishing Dalian—Zhongshan area, communication is easy, more than 10 buses lead to downtown dock of large shopping center, railway station, harbour, international exhibition center of the sea that be apart from a star needs 15 minutes only, no matter be,the car Cheng that is apart from the airport 25 minutes or so lets you travel goes sightseeing or business affairs business all can feel convenience and quick.
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