Guesthouse of Dalian harbour business affairs
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Picture of more of hotel guest room... hotel of class of a guesthouse of business affairs of   Dalian harbour is management by experience of limited company of management of You Xindong square hotel 4 stars, the hotel is located at square of harbour of people road endmost, region of hub of the traffic such as square of harbor of proximate Dalian passenger transport, Zhongshan, 38 square, 27 square, finance, business affairs, be apart from Dalian railway station 2 kilometers, car Cheng 5 minutes; Be apart from airport of week of Shui Ziguo border 15 kilometers, car Cheng 18 minutes, situation is advantageous, traffic is very convenient.
Hotel in June 2008 portion practice, the building is 7 tall, mutual guest room 80, the establishment such as interface of TV of liquid crystal of phone of international of the appliance developing tone that every guest room all deploys system of TV of satellite of independent fission air conditioning, international, coffee and tea, home direct dial, Toshiba, free broadband. The hotel still has Dalian restaurant of seafood of dock of person of fishing of new east of — of famous seafood restaurant, can offer late food of type of dish of gust of authentic Dalian seafood, north and south, classical another name for Guangdong Province, harbor to wait for you.
Astral grade level: Address of 4 stars class: Square of harbour of area of Dalian city Zhongshan books a phone 3 numbers: 0411-62999797/39788766 books a fax: 0411-84377440 practice time: The building is tall in June 2008: Amount of 7 guest room: 80 parking lots: Have price of breakfast of free parking lot: Self-help breakfast increases bed price 38 yuan: Leave airport space without the service that add a bed: 15 kilometers leave railway station space: 2 kilometers leave downtown space: 500 meters leave long-distance station space: 2 kilometers leave Dalian harbor passenger station: 500 meters leave area of 38 square business affairs: 800 meters leave friendship hospital: 800 meters leave fine carry big public house: 500 meters leave Dalian friendship hotel: 300 meters leave flourishing age mansion: 600 meters leave home happy blessing supermarket: 600 meters die trade edifice: 1 kilometer leaves the charm square of the sea: 2.8 kilometers leave 27 square: 700 meters leave Liaoning times mansion: 350 meters leave big public house of Dalian treasure Yue: 260 meters leave Zhongshan square: 1.6 kilometers leave lad friendship store: 400 meters leave new friendship market: 1.1 kilometers leave grand praise edifice: 500 meters leave tiger beach beauty spot: 5 kilometers go vacationing from guesthouse of wooden club insularity area: 3.5 kilometers
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