Hotel of business affairs of Dalian comfort garden
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Hotel of business affairs of Dalian comfort garden is market guest room, meal, recreation the modern hotel at an organic whole. Repose at commerce of new open a way flourishing a section of a highway, border with Dalian municipal government, communication is very easy. Decorate freshness comfort garden business affairs afresh wine storefront accumulates more than 15000 square metre.
Hotel of business affairs of Dalian comfort garden is had what can hold 18-360 person is muti_function assembly room. Meal RTV includes a house 28, can satisfy repast of 600 more than guest at the same time. Meal is managed main with distant, rash, another name for Guangdong Province, plain, Dalian seafood is given priority to. National level chef is made meticulously for you tall savoured cate. The tea dining room that has western situation is the good place that leisure rests, the drink that you can taste savor China and foreign countries here and feeling get exotic amorous feelings.

Astral grade level: Address of 4 stars class: New open a way of Dalian city Xi Gang district books a phone 78 numbers: 0411-62999797/39788766 books a fax: 0411-84377440 practice time: Decorated time afresh 1999: The building is tall 2007: Amount of 8 guest room: 200 parking lots: Have medium-sized car field (free) breakfast price: Self-help breakfast RMB 15 increases bed price: RMB 100 leaves airport space: 9 kilometers leave railway station space: 1 kilometer leaves downtown space: 0 kilometers leave long-distance station space: 0.5 kilometers leave haven dock space: 4.3 kilometers leave municipal government: 350 meters leave terminal of long-distance car passenger transport: 400 meters