Guesthouse of Dalian silver-colored sail
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Guesthouse of Dalian silver-colored sailGuesthouse of Dalian silver-colored sail
Guesthouse of Dalian silver-colored sailGuesthouse of Dalian silver-colored sail
Picture of more of guesthouse of Dalian silver-colored sail... guesthouse of Dalian silver-colored sail, be located in a sector of an area of trade finance center, distinctive sail modelling becomes Chinese hotel industry to indicate the gender is built.
Silver-colored sail guesthouse is a Sino-Japanese and joint-stock build is large guesthouse of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of 4 stars class, repose in element to have “ China ” of the first area is beautiful praise a sector of an area of center of development of Dalian economy technology, situation is advantageous, communication is very easy, be apart from dock and flourishing shopping centre to all be 20 minutes car Cheng.
Guesthouse covers an area of 29 thousand square metre, floor area 45 thousand square metre. Not only the unique structure design with sail type, rich marine charm color, to the queen's taste the tourist that the service is attracting world each district, and equipment is perfect, dining room of day of various guest room, Chinese and Western reachs everything needed is ready of recreational fitness establishment, no matter travel goes vacationing, know already copolymerization or business affairs exchange of toasts, all but each are comfortable its type.
Astral grade level: Address of 4 stars class: Road of Jin Ma of development of technology of Dalian city economy books a phone 135 numbers: 0411-62999797/39788766 books a fax: 0411-84377440 practice time: Decorated time afresh 1990: 2001 parking lot: Have large parking lot (free) breakfast price: Self-help breakfast RMB 98 increases bed price: RMB 300 leaves airport space: 30 kilometers leave railway station space: 10 kilometers leave downtown space: 10 kilometers leave long-distance station space: 10 kilometers leave haven dock space: 11 kilometers
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