Abstruse benefit adds Dalian Er big public house
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Hotel picture Hotel fact scene is revealed Electronic map I want a comment Examine comment onAbstruse benefit adds Dalian Er hotel exterior
Abstruse benefit adds Dalian Er hotel exteriorAbstruse benefit adds Dalian Er hotel guest room
Abstruse benefit adds Dalian Er hotel guest roomAbstruse benefit adds Dalian Er hotel guest room
Abstruse benefit adds Dalian more picture of Er hotel guest room... Dalian the hotel is located in Aolijiaer the Zhongshan road middle with Dalian flourishing downtown, be apart from square of Dalian city people, Dalian Olympic square and famed Dalian star sea square is not worth 2 kilometers. Hotel appearance air is beautiful, interior decorates standard, level, the activity of business affairs travel that still is convenient guest especially set room of administration of luxurious big flatlet, business affairs and the house of luxurious double entry that have distinguishing feature alone.

Abstruse benefit adds Dalian the establishment of Er big public house and guest room form a complete set and service
Hall of hall of dish of Hunan of room of luxurious banquet bag, banqueting hall, Chinese meal, Western-style food coffee, muti_function auditoria, and business affairs center, foreign currency is changed, sauna fitness center, hairdressing beautifies hair, characteristic merchandise service. Can to live broadly inn guest provides quick, comfortable, safe, convenient travel service. The service tenet of the hotel is “ guest consummate, serve the first ” , operation concept is “ is with the person this, respect talent ” .

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Hotel delay time returned a house at 14 o'clock to afternoon

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