Dalian Zhongshan big public house
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Dalian Zhongshan big public house - hotel exteriorDalian Zhongshan big public house - the public house is big
Dalian Zhongshan big public house - the public house is bigDalian Zhongshan big public house - between the standard
Dalian Zhongshan big public house - picture of the more between the standard... big public house of   Dalian Zhongshan is Dalian area hangs out his shingle famously hotel of 4 stars class, the hotel sits shopping centre of depression bridge of the mud that embrace blueness is panoramic business affairs is bit more supreme, there is shopping mall of Dalian bazaar, big business, new Ma all round the large shopping market such as inn of male inn of square of special, hundred years city, victory, big business, Qiu Lin daughter, railway station of hotel space Dalian walks 500 meters 3 minutes; Distance Zhongshan square walks 700 meters 5 minutes; Be apart from an International Airport 12 kilometers, it is area of center of Dalian town business, finance, business affairs, traffic.
Hotel in August 2001 portion practice, the portion was decorated afresh in January 2006, the building is 38 tall, have various and luxurious guest room 388, the luxurious administration guest room that includes 68 sufficient body to show concept of demand of guest of international business travel among them. Guest room adornment is sweet and elegant, comfortable, the room deserves to have free and fiber-optic online interface, confuse safe of your bar, electron, satellite / desk of cable television, administration, independence is lukewarm accuse system, IC to block home of door lock, international to dial directly a phone, leave a message the modern establishment such as the system.
The Indian dining-room of 5 buildings takes the public house the marrow that Indian dish tastes, by spot of Indian name hutch advocate manage, add the spot of mysterious singing and dancing that comes from Indian dance woman to deduce, its are romantic only beautiful have dinner environment, bring already bank of amorous feelings of region of city person different brand-new shock. Maigre dining-room cooks with “ love, compassionate have dinner, be thankful savour, the management concept of comfortable digestive ” , present maigre new idea. Dining-room of tea of HongKong and Macow of ” of “ Rong Yuan, whole class wide hutch advocate manage. 38 buildings Russia rotates dining-room, by the artistic combination that comes from Russia the spot deduces singing and dancing, russia name hutch advocate Lieluosigaojiasuo is warm chaffy dish, cate of match well of more than 100 kinds of Chinese and Western.
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