[Shenyang] China is northeast exhibition of tool of hardware of the 9th internat
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Time: 7-9 day ground nodded in April 2006: Exhibition of industry of Shenyang · Liaoning

Of the base of old industry of northeast market northeast that is full of business chance revitalize offerred tremendous business chance for hardware industry. Of the start working construction as a batch of new industry projects and facilities of old fundamental industry line of business transform, equip especially of manufacturing industry revitalize, to it relevant mechanical hardware, mould is made, hardware tool, standard component and blame mark are accurate and market of the building hardware related to the building, adornment metals is bigger and bigger, drive large quantities of one hardware to machine course of study, sale line of business and hardware major market to develop quickly. To get used to market demand and Shenyang district characteristic, we hold fair of 8 hardware tool continuously since 1998. Because exhibit meeting dimensions year after year to expand, and be paid close attention to extensively by all circles personage with consistent praise highly, had become the professional grand meeting that the personage inside the hardware exhibition with northeast the largest area and course of study attends eagerly. Current exhibition has exhibition of industry of Liaoning of place Shenyang · 1 of the following characteristic, strengthen international to cooperate. Enlarge international influence. Be stationed in through each country China business affairs orgnaization, through entering foreign hardware exhibition, pass Internet, pass contact partner, enlarge conduct propaganda of current exhibition international and influence. Strengthen pair of United States, Europe to wait for hardware tool demand the conduct propaganda of more multilateral home, the conduct propaganda that strengthens pair of Korea, Japan, Russia to wait for country of northeast area vicinity, stimulative organization sees an activity, make current exhibition work up becomes the for sale abroad or in another part of the country that has international effect to order goods meeting.
2, strengthen the service that postpone business and the conduct propaganda before exhibiting. Execute join name of the morning paper that postpone business, make a money early, early conduct propaganda, early be benefited system. For this, northward industry and commerce exhibits limited company to compile and print " northeast hardware tool purchases a directory " , publish ginseng signing up to exhibit enterprise and product directory, extend freely ahead of schedule in unit of direct user, distribute and hand of public figure of concerned director branch, emphasize introductory ginseng to exhibit new product of industry new technology, the connection of communication manufacturer and demand client. During exhibition, make join those who exhibit business and demand client to have accurate stock objective to negotiate, stimulative commerce cooperates. The change compiles and print so method of proceedings of a conferences, every books a standard to exhibit manufacturer all can publish advertisement of page of 1/4 edition color and 200 words brief introduction freely. 3, strengthen the service after exhibiting. Build during the exhibition see the system that register, combine other company information, build northeast and database of client of demand of the circumjacent hardware that visit town, compile and print book, extend to need postpone business. In the meantime, build " northeast hardware is exhibited " website, ginseng exhibit enterprise and its product to publish a year freely on the net, reflect relevant demand information to the guest directly. Newest 2006 characteristic serves 1. Current exhibition adds new technology, new product house. Aim to enlarge company product conduct propaganda. By exhibit business to offer name, actor, new, special local product to taste, invite an expert to choose, constituent audience has award to poll choose: The most beautiful and the richest 2006 originality, practical, most suffer masses to like a product, send letter.
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