[Shenyang] 2006 China are northeast the 10th international solders technical equ
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2006 China are northeast the 10th international solders technical equipment exhibition

Time: 7-10 day ground nodded in April 2006: Exhibition of industry of Shenyang · Liaoning

Sponsor an unit

China International commerce promotes committee Liaoning to save branch

Assist run an unit

Liaoning saves Jilin of Institute of Welding to visit town of Shenyang of Institute of Welding Institute of Welding

Abroad action business

Korea metal is integrated website

Undertake unit

Exhibition of Liaoning north industry and commerce serves finite responsibility company

10 years brilliant solder for China and foreign countries the manufacturer brings business chance infinite

Northeast international solders since technology and equipment exhibition established 1997 oneself, already was in successfully in succession and other places of Dalian, Changchun, Shenyang was held

9, soldering domestic and internationally already had in the industry those who comparative is famous degree. Come from country and the home such as the United States, Japan, France, Germany, Korea numerous solder product development, production and sale firm joined to exhibit, exhibited to come from in great quantities in 9 years domestic and international advanced solder equipment and technology, for east development of 3 provinces modernization was offerred many and new and high solder technology and equipment, also be at the same time east 3 provinces solder to the technology of the industry progresses and develop the contribution that made Zhuo Shi. The audience outside recieve home more than 10 years in all is made an appointment with 120 thousand.

This exhibiting can experience solder the industry arrives from development expand, move toward international course by home, already developed at present become northeast to solder " the first " exhibit

Not only the platform that is market of development northeast of domestic and international manufacturer and bridge, be opposite at the same time of base of northeast old industry revitalize also having far-reaching sense with prosperity.

Revitalizing base of northeast old industry below a such favorable big backdrop, northeast the 10th international solders of technology and equipment exhibition hold, not

Be northeast area only purchased business to offer what a 0 distances contact new and high product to trade platform, more solder advancedly domestic and internationally the optimal good luck that technology, equipment extends northeast market.
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