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China International commerce promotes committee

Trade hurried exhibits property 2 [2006] 236

Attend about inviting 2006 food of American Chicago international

Machine the case of equipment exhibition

My meeting will form a delegation the exhibition of facilities of international food treatment that enters to was held in American Chicago on October 29, 2006, should exhibit meeting general to include fruit, vegetable, beverage, pork showpiece kind, dairy produce, snacks is fastfood wait for food drink to machine respect latest technology and equipment. In exhibit the ginseng on the meeting to exhibit an enterprise to be able to obtain food drink to machine the product information with newest equipment and industry trends, know American market. Should be being exhibited is to devote oneself to understanding and the Chinese food of development North America and international market to machine the first selection of equipment company.

One, exhibition general situation

Show a name: Food of American Chicago international machines equipment exhibition (Food Processing Machinery EXPO 2006)

Hold time: On October 29, 2006 - on November 2 (5 days) , everyday 9: 00-17: 00 (will be on November 2 9: 00-14: 00)

Hold city and place: American Chicago (McCormick Place Lakeside Ctr, north&South Halls Chicago, illinois USA)

Showpiece content: Furnish of food drink production, bag has and serve

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