[Dalian] 2008(the 3rd) equipment of cleanness of Dalian international industry a
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Time: On May 28, 2008- - the ground will nod on May 30: Dalian star sea can exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Liaoning of government of Dalian city people saves machinist Cheng to learn Chinese commerce to promote committee Dalian branch to support an unit: Heilongjiang saves machinist Cheng to learn Jilin to save machinist Cheng to learn Japanese commerce to revitalize meeting India machine tool to make commerce of association big Han revitalize commerce of communal Hong Kong to develop media of   of   of bureau     to support: Environmental protection of China of net of Chinese clean equipment cleans net China to clean the net that protect clean to always undertake: Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company assist do: Double new exhibition engineers Dalian northeast of limited company is old industry base, accompanying swift and violent development of industry, subsequently and the environment that come is polluted especially industrial pollution already became new contaminative source. Green is made, cry day is tall. To develop healthily, total bureau of environmental protection of committee of national development reform, country is released " clean production examine and verify is provisional method " , carry out energetically further " clean production " . This action for the manufacturer to clean technology and equipment, be pregnant with infinite business chance. 2007 (the 2nd) equipment of cleanness of Dalian international industry and technical exhibition assemble numerous domestic and international well-known trademark, have Germany among them triumphant gallop, Chang of abundant of FIMAP of Geweilaide, Italy, GAGG, Taiwan, Baolimei is advanced. "2008 (the 3rd) exposition of Dalian international industry " " 2008 (the 3rd) equipment of cleanness of Dalian international industry and technical exhibition " will come 30 days to be able to exhibit a center to hold in Dalian star sea on May 28, 2008. Exhibit this of the meeting hold, will exhibit business to provide commerce platform for broad ginseng, it is to join the promotion that postpone business the company is well-known degree, seek trade partner, widen the optimal way of business medium of communication. Make join postpone business true can glad and come, satisfactory and return, obtain good gains. In May 2008, we will be in await respectively of beautiful bank of Dalian star bay your arrival, congratulate beforehand you to be in this second extend the gain that plentiful and substantial fetchs on the meeting. ★ reveals equipment of cleanness of limits ○ industry and clear lotion: Maximum pressure of rinsing equipment of machinery of of all kinds industry, industry is cold (hot) wash ground machine, headroom dust catcher of system of cleaner of water cleaning machine, industrial conduit cleaning machine, industry, central dust collection, industry, automatically work platform, industry cleans an agent to wait. ○ special type cleans technology and equipment: Rinsing equipment of ultrasonic rinsing equipment, laser rinsing equipment, dry ice rinsing equipment, high-pressured saturation steam, intelligence and robot rinsing equipment.

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