[Dalian] 2008 (the 6th) Dalian international welder trade fair
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Previous term or session solders exhibit the success of the meeting to hold, of Dalian solder exhibit meeting more and more be joined exhibit business and the favour of visiting business. Solder as Dalian the market increasingly flourishingly development, to soldering product requirement rises quickly also. Learn according to the organizing committee, 2008, In be being accompanied, distant ship Wu is in Dalian brigade arranges the go into operation that builds new plant and Korea STX dockyard, enlarge dimensions to produce with what etc weighs industry business, be sure to bring 8 years Dalian solders the new peak that the market flourishs! Since the organizing committee enrolled business work formally to begin on October 22, 2007, a few more domestic and international well-known trademark if: OTC Below acerbity element of Swedish Yi Sa, small pool, pine, the Tang Dynasty solder of Shan Kaiyuan, Chengdu grinds beautiful of times of science and technology, Beijing, Shenzhen person, solder grinds power amount to, acute of nimble of Chengdu Ma luck, Shanghai, Tianjin 4 waiting, and be like,the solder deliver a child of Dalian mainland produces a business: Welder of princely electric welder, 100 million heart, Jin Zhouming circle, China weigh welder to wait to sign up in succession ginseng exhibit! We are willing with domestic and international each industry business promotes Dalian hand in hand solder the market flourishs more!

2008 (the 6th) Dalian international welder time of trade fair invitation letter: On May 28, 2008, 30 days of places: Dalian star sea can exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Liaoning of government of people of city of Dalian of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products of China of government of Liaoning province people saves machinist Cheng to learn to solder branch Dalian city solders association is abroad assist do: Investment of trade of big Han of bureau of development of trade of Hong Kong of association of development of north of middle east of day of stimulative society of Japanese international trade revitalizes business of hardware of meeting company Hong Kong to always can undertake unit: Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company to support media: Solder China of hot-working net of 21 centuries China solders purchase net annulus Bohai Sea to be able to exhibit net China solder to cut net China to solder dynamical network China solders production net of big China of net of treatment of metal of equipment net China solders resource net as base of northeast old industry revitalize, production value of Dalian equipment manufacturing industry with year all increase by degrees 29% , overall dimensions already surpassed petrifaction industry, jump reside the first. The 7 old equipment of national statistic make kind, dalian all is had, country " 915 " equipment manufacturing industry tackles key problem