[Dalian] equipment of electron of international of the 7th Dalian, electron yuan
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Time: On May 28, 2008, the ground will nod on May 30: Dalian star sea can exhibit central invitation letter to sponsor an unit: Liaoning of guild of semiconductor of China of of Electronic Society of China of guild of Chinese electron component saves machinist Cheng to learn to support an unit: Liaoning of branch of electron of society of project of machinery of province of Liaoning of branch of material of electron of Electronic Society of China of branch of component of Chinese Electronic Society saves Electronic Society to undertake unit: Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve Dalian of limited company is the haven with Chinese famous north, city of industry, commerce, travel, she is the portal of guard Beijing ferry, it is the circle head of area of economy of annulus Bohai Sea, it is northeast inferior the center of trade, finance, information, travel, element has " northward Hong Kong " beautiful praise. Also be one of areas with the rapiddest rate of development of Chinese electron estate at the same time, come nearly 5 years, information Industry annual growth rate is as high as 54% , gross value of industrial output of electronic product manufacturing industry occupies northeast area 61.6% , sales revenue and exit occupy northeast area respectively 57% with 64.6% , but in process of high speed development, electron yuan parts of an apparatus, spare parts produces serious inadequacy, already became now restrict electronic industry to innovate again tall bottleneck. Dalian has on 10 thousand 3 endowment enterprise, especially electronic industry focussed day, Han Zhu's much well-known company, if Toshiba, pine falls, day stands, beautiful can, LG is waited a moment, electronic equipment and electronic product market are huge. Intel invested 2.5 billion dollar in Dalian 2007, build chip mill in China first, it is its in the Asia the biggest chip produces base. It is sure to be opposite promote base of northeast electron industry revitalize, optimize an industry structure and raise industrial administrative levels, produce extensive and far-reaching effect. The facility of electron of international of the 6th Dalian that holds at succeeding on May 23, 2007, electron yuan exhibition of industry of parts of an apparatus, it is to face Chinese northeast area and circle of economy of annulus Bohai Sea and northeast inferior of economic area internationally trade fair.