[Dalian] instrument of test of analysis of international of the 6th 2008 Dalian
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Time: On May 28, 2008- - 30 days of places: Dalian star sea can exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Liaoning of government of Dalian city people saves machinist Cheng to learn to undertake unit: Liaoning province manage changes examine learn   Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company assist run an unit: Dalian changes content place Dalian is the city with Chinese the openest north, it is base of employment of heavy chemical industry, the course of study of heavy chemical industry such as mechanical, oil, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding makes a name global, 3 endowment enterprise, the foreign enterprise such as day, Han, beautiful, law, heart is numerous, have numerous state key laboratory, universities and colleges and place of scientific research courtyard at the same time, with its advantageous situation, favorable investment climate, the new and high technology that makes must check a technology in order to analyse to be a delegate and product got swift and violent development, also be the platform that new technology, new product enters northeast market to provide a rare historical opportunity and market of the northeast that grab booth inside the industry at the same time. The 5th Dalian analyses the victory that checks instrument and lab exhibition to hold, more the development infuse of industry of Dalian analysis instrument a powerful force, exhibit in previous term or session on the meeting, the company such as acute of nimble of Saiduolisi, Shanghai came Japanese island ferry, Germany to show the product of foremost edge and skill repeatedly, wonderful exhibition effect more 08 exhibit the success of the meeting to hold laid solid foundation, the organizing committee will fall to enrage those who do good trafficker to invite the job energetically this year, safeguard and develop " northeast analysis instrument the first exhibit " gold brand. ★ ginseng extends range: 1, the analysis checks a domain: Appearance of analyzer of appearance of appearance of instrument of analyse of analytic instrument equipment, smooth credit, spectrometer, color atlas, mass spectrograph, spectrum, spectrum appearance, small area, electron and optical microscope, hot analyzer, surface analyzer, nucleus analyzer, ultimate analysis, component. 2, industry application domain: The industry such as sanitation of building materials of chemical fibber of water of test of maintenance of communication of instrument of education instrument, oil of the environmental analysis appearance that monitor, chemical industry, electron, metal, coal, electric power, metallurgy, aricultural, spin, building, aerospace, medicine uses an instrument. 3, biology technology domain: Biochemistry and molecular biology, drug and diagnose, box of education of equipment of biology biochemistry technology, biology, ferment coal tub, amino acerbity instrument, DNA synthesizes science of life of ceremony of appearance, enzymatic award equipment of instrument of analysis of equipment of instrument of analysis of laboratory technique, biochemistry, chemical sensor. 4, quality dominates a field: Bus line of spot of system of data processing of test of equipment of instrument of test of equipment of instrument of photoelectricity test system, material test, environment, quality, control, industry, nondestructive detects quality of procedure of instrument of sex of technology, content, industry is measured accuse, online. 5, lab domain: Instrument of biochemistry of equipment of major of analysis of automation of lab instrument and equipment, lab, biochemistry, element, electron microscope, metric call heavy system, lab medical treatment of things of furniture, lab, lab

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