[Shenyang] the 9th international gave Chinese northeast exhibition of conduit of
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Extend meeting date arrangement
Report for duty cloth exhibits: In March 2008 10, 11 days
Trade showpiece: In March 2008 12-14 day
Remove extend time: On March 14, 2008
Ginseng extend range
One, technology of water supply catchment and equipment
Material of ◆ of all kinds canal, pipe fitting, conduit, connect, cistern reachs fittings
Shower nozzle of scene of all sorts of ◆ water pump, valve, vibrating absorber, water, swim pool equipment
◆ detects the system of management of equipment, plan expenses, system that copy a watch
◆ high-rise pressure boost is automatic water supply equipment
2, water treatment technology and equipment
Sewage and industrial waste water handle ◆ technology and equipment
◆ swim pool, sauna, bathroom, boiler with water treatment technology and equipment
◆ section water and liquid waste resource turn applied technology and equipment
Technology of automata of system of ◆ water treatment, water conservancy project and equipment
Drug of ◆ water analysis instrument, water treatment, material reachs device of form a complete set
Equipment of ◆ water purification and equipment, film and detached technology
3, pump, valve, conduit
◆ water pump, swim pool pump, oil pump, vavuum pump, centrifugal pump, metric pump, chemical industry pump, foreign matter pump and pump of other special purpose
◆ pump kind product of form a complete set and accessory equipment
A powerful person of ◆ brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, throttle, appearance, force plunger a powerful person, ball valve
A powerful person of ◆ dish a powerful person, check valve, a powerful person is defeated by water, control valve, blowdown
◆ is other special purpose a powerful person, a powerful person kind product of form a complete set and relevant fittings
Material of ◆ of all kinds conduit, canal, relevant pipe fitting, fittings, join
Cleanness of measuring instrument of ◆ of all kinds conduit, conduit reachs production equipment to wait
◆ canal net detects reach mend grain technology, material
Exhibit reach ad fare
·The standard exhibits (3*3 ㎡) :
Home: 5500 yuan of RMBs / abroad of every exhibition period: 2000 dollars
·Clean ground (hire since 36 ㎡) :
Home: 500 yuan of RMBs / ㎡ abroad: 150 dollars / ㎡
Note: 1. The standard exhibits include following establishment: 3 (or two sides) exhibit board, negotiate one piece desk, negotiate twice chair, shoot electrical outlet of power source of a the lamp, 220V/5A twice, exhibit inside character of shop carpet, lintel board (company name) make.
If 2. smooth ground needs carpet, shoot the lamp, power source to reach negotiate the establishment such as the desk and chair, can rent separately. Build oneself exhibit a cloth to exhibit construction administration fee, by ginseng postpone business or install a company to provide for oneself especially.
Ginseng exhibit a method
Ginseng exhibit an unit to be in receive invite postscript but limited company of exhibition of direct northwardly industry and commerce offers application, ginseng exhibit an unit to fill appropriate ginseng to exhibit contract book, show limited company via northward industry and commerce is being returned after unit affix one's seal is approbated, limited company of exhibition of northward industry and commerce will arrive to be arranged orderly early or late by the paragraph exhibit, exhibit after deciding, join please exhibit an unit prepaid 50% book gold. After subscription is received, affirm namely ginseng exhibit exhibit, send ginseng exhibit manual, remaining sum on March 1, 2008 before paid can.
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