[Dalian] 2008 Dalian international warms a refrigeration is energy-saving techno
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Showpiece time: 2008-5-28 comes 2008-5-30
Application ends: 2008-5-28

Specific address: Dalian star sea can exhibit a center

Ginseng extend range: ● 1, hot pump heating (cold) : Equipment of aircrew of hot water of pump of hot pump of source of land source hot pump, fountainhead hot pump, air conditioning hot pump, air, solar energy heat, hot pump, hot water, cold water equipment, energy-saving equipment and warm water system of central constant temperature; ● 2, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilated: ① is big, medium, small-sized central air conditioning, business uses air conditioning of environmental protection of refrigeration equipment, industry, special type air conditioning, source of water / land source air conditioning; ② is cold / hot water aircrew, hot pump aircrew; Harbour aircrew of equipment of cold, accumulation of heat, condensation, glacial labor cold unit; Refrigeration compressor, cooling tower, humidifier, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, refrigerant refrigerating equipment, business uses refrigeration equipment to wait; Machine of act of all sorts of ③ fan, wind, send coil of wind and machine of the equipment that discharge wind, air conditioning, dehumidify machine, fan, new wind plane of take a breath; Extreme of canal of air conditioning wind, air conditioning, air conditioning controls appearance of product, instrument, metric device oneself; Water treatment of air conditioning purifying device, air conditioning, air conditioning cleans a product to wait; Tool of agent of fittings of air conditioning of valve of fan of ④ air conditioning, muffler, vibrating absorber, insulation material, pump, pipe fitting, refrigeration, refrigeration, refrigeration; ● 3, heat addition, heating: ① radiator, lukewarm accuse a powerful person, control a powerful person, heating to distribute a list of metric, quantity of heat; Hanging furnace, report is warm implement, heating of heating of radiate of electric heat film, electric heat board, floor, calorific cable, infrared ray; Solar energy water heater, report water heater, water heater burning gas, fountainhead / land source heats up pump; ② centers heat addition equipment, heat exchange equipment, heating power to run a system; Heat addition uses the product of form a complete set such as material of valve, canal, pipe fitting, insulation material; Boiler of gas fired boiler, oil fired boiler, electric heat, burner, heat exchanger, boiler controls ③ subsidiary engine of system, boiler (air-blower, bring fan, dust catcher to wait) , boiler is cleaned, boiler water processing, pressure vessel and safe warning decice;
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