[Shenyang] exposition of small home appliance of the 4th 2008 northeast internat
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Time: On May 31, 2008 - on June 3
Place: Shenyang international exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: Hua Bo of Shenyang of Chinese trade union can exhibit Shenyang of limited company of limited company of plan of exhibition of Hua Yiwei trade supports media: " electric home appliancesNortheast market is huge hold win-win of harmony of travel of carry out of infinite business chance Exposition of border small home appliance thes northern part of the country east, it is the home appliance with northeast only area kind major is exhibited meeting, all previous classics 4 years breed had become China and foreign countries to tell company of phone of a person of academic or artistic distinction the communication platform of northeastern region. Exhibit conference fixed position to be: (one) the plan infiltrates the home appliance enterprise of northeast market, search the platform that establishs product sale channel; (2) the home appliance business that has entered northeast market, new product is recommended, the platform that new product orders goods; (3) home appliance company expands, consolidate the northeast market, platform that establishs brand image. "Exposition of northeast international small home appliance " will 4 years already attracted enterprise of brand of home appliance of many 300 China and foreign countries to participate in, sea Er, beautiful, cygnet, beautiful water chestnut, TCL, bay the home appliance brand such as electron of library of Ke Ma, 9 this world, Angell, encyclopedia, blessing, oriental cherry is joined early or late exhibit, assured to extend the dimensions of the meeting and arrangement, exposition of border small home appliance thes northern part of the country east, had become the grand meeting of the home appliance industry of northeast area. The economy that Shenyang is northeast area, culture, traffic, finance, commerce and content shed a center, be located in northeast inferior heartland, wait for national posture adjacent with Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, shenyang regards northeast area as the biggest distribution centre, shenyang market is enclothed effectively and comprehensive radiate is northeast (distant, auspicious, black, unconscious) the market, it is the enterprise marchs the northeast market that has 150 million population and the bridgehead that contend for northeast market sale. The Shenyang the awaken of spring May is abundant, welcome you and the company that you head to play current fair, arrive at northeast Shenyang! ■Exhibit conference fixed position
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