[Dalian] international of the 8th 2008 Dalian gives catchment, water treatment a
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Exhibit meeting site: Dalian star sea can exhibit a center
Extend meeting time: 2008-5-28 comes 2008-5-30
Sponsor an unit: Liaoning of government of Dalian city people saves machinist Cheng to learn
Chinese commerce promotes research center of machinery of fluid of committee Dalian branch and compressor country project
Support an unit: Chinese chemical industry learns bureau of Wu of water of Dalian of committee of major of industrial water treatment
Center of activator of countrywide industry surface
Appoint a website: Http://www.dongbeizhanlan.com
Undertake unit: Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company
Contact information: Organizing committee address: Area of Dalian city Zhongshan is friendly · of 211 Yue peaceful sincere in business affairs special zone 1203 rooms
Door renown: Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company
Open an account row: Xi Gang subbranch of a bank of city of Dalian of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Account: 3400200509006787652
Phone: 0411-82310635/82310637-816
Fax: 0411- 82310691/82310692
Contact: Wu Manjun 0411-81891185
E-mail: Wumanjun99@126.com

[market background]
Dalian regards northeast heavy industry and economy of annulus Bohai Sea as the core city of the circle, the course of study of heavy chemical industry such as mechanical, oil, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding makes a name global, have on 10 thousand 3 endowment enterprise, the foreign capital enterprise such as day, Han, beautiful, law, heart is numerous, at the same time the urban environment construction of Dalian precedes in home. As 2007 Dawosihui is discussed in Dalian hold, and the extensive development of area of each industry garden inside the start working construction of Intel chip project in Dalian, area, be sure to drive Dalian of more settle of domestic and international investor, this will be treated to Dalian city environmental protection, industry corrupt, the water industry such as section water raises taller technical requirement, also bring water supply industry more business chance at the same time.
Dalian is city of shortage of natural resources of a water at the same time, natural resources of water of average per capita has the 1/4 that measures average of only throughout the country, and the requirement as a result of afforest, environmental protection, industry and high spending standard of living, make Dalian reach water in desalt of section water, water treatment, seawater project field requirement is municipal invest enormous capital with the enterprise, introduce a large number of advanced water treatment technologies and device.
The international of the 7th Dalian that held 2007 gives audience of exhibition of catchment, water treatment and pump, valve, conduit to amount to 50 thousand person-time, they come from petrifaction of engine of Dalian shipbuilding, Dalian, Dalian, northeast special steel, big · weighs electric equipment of power of labour, Dalian, iceberg group, big show group, Hua Lu company of shipbuilding of STX of group, Korea, tap water, 3 give out heat, they are badly in need of more new technologies new product will satisfy project need, let the personage inside course of study realize the tremendous potential of this market cogently. The Germany on the meeting is exhibited in this power water pump of happy water pump, Danish Ge Lanfu, Korea beautiful road this, the well-known company such as pump of chemical industry of Er of king of iron of Swiss George Fisher, Zhongshan, Ai Ge is accumulated with bedding face, obtained the positive result of plentiful and substantial, the client of 85% above is right current exhibit can support positive attitude, active the earth's surface is shown will continue to attend this second exhibit meeting. Area of 2008 year Dalian is only " give catchment, water treatment " the professional exhibition of the respect, the organizing committee invites sincerely the lead company inside the industry to attend, the supply that makes water trade jointly and purchase grand meeting of information butt joint.
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