[Jinan] international of the 10th 2008 Shandong reachs exhibition of a powerful
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Exhibit meeting site: Jinan Shun agrarian international exhibition center
Extend meeting time: 2008-5-13 comes 2008-5-15
Sponsor an unit: Sponsor an unit: Shandong province builds hall
Support an unit: Jinan city builds council
Shandong saves heating power association
Jinan city is municipal and public bureau
China International commerce promotes branch of committee Jinan city
Jinan city environmental protection bureau
Town of city of Jinan of branch of city of Jinan of China International chamber of commerce builds management board
Utility management board of Zi rich city
Group of Jinan city water supply
Undertake unit: Jinan China exhibits Hua Ran of harbor of city of Jinan of exhibition limited company to enrage limited company
Contact information: Jinan China exhibits exhibition limited company
Address: 2 annulus of Jinan city east road 3966 east B of annulus international square 1104 rooms
Postcode: 250100
Phone: 0531-83532222 83532221
Fax: 0531-83532333
Contact: Tan Shujun 13793186412
Postpone meeting introduction:
"Shandong international water is exhibited " since 1998, held 9 successfully till May 2007. As a result of " Shandong international water is exhibited " developed adequately " academic communication, exhibition is revealed, technical communication, commerce negotiates, " the prominent dominant position at an organic whole, sincere desire serves the purchases company of business, agency, designing institute, engineering broad user at domain of catchment, water supply, water treatment, make be exhibited originally thereby can become home to give catchment water treatment the significant activity that the bound has an effect quite.
Since 1998, "Shandong international water is exhibited " had become Huadongde area scale is the largest give catchment water treatment professional exhibition, carry reveal platform for what give you a convenient, figure, go up in order to facilitate you and your client has the directest business communicate. We always do our best go the requirement that understanding ginseng extends business and audience, make through innovating they attend each to exhibit can have new experience. We can continue hard, this is " Shandong international water is exhibited " the mystery that why can develop the 20000 square metre 2007 from the 8000 square metre 1998. This also we are opposite profit from the successful organization of the audience, in the audience team of tens of thousands of, 95 % above is direct user, this raised exhibition to join the commerce scope that extends trade greatly, obtain remarkable economic benefits thereby.
"Shandong international water is exhibited " be judged 3 years to be continuously " brand of protection of 10 big focal points extends blame government series meeting "

Reviewing of previous term or session:
Previous term or session is exhibited meeting in May 2007 15-17 ploughs in Jinan Shun the international exhibition center is held, domestic and international famous manufacturer that exhibits to catchment water treatment gather, domestic and international well-known company if family name of family name of American Hai Deneng, United States GE, contented, world Han, Dong Li, family, Ge Lanfu, Germany power is Fisher of happy, ITT, George, Euramerican, Spanish A, those who exhibited to have the water treatment company that expands latent capacity now most is brand-new product, brought newest water treatment product to the audience.
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