Dalian Chen Xi fast 8 hotels (inn of astral sea park)
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Hotel exteriorThe public house is big
The public house is bigBetween standard two-men
Picture of the more between standard two-men...   Dalian Chen Xi fast a whole world interlinks 8 hotels fast 8 brands hotel, the hotel is located in the beauty spot of black rock reef with delightful scenery, astral sea square and astral sea park are overlooked east, need 3 minutes only to the seaside on foot, college division and area of new and high garden are faced on the west, university of northeast finance and economics and aquatic product institute are in nearly very close, the Zhongshan road with famous Dalian is on. Hotel periphery has more than 10 public transportation line, can arrive at Dalian major shopping centre and travel tourist attraction.
Hotel on August 2, 2004 practice, the building is 7 tall, mutual guest room 137, every guest room all sets be born type to watch the establishment such as interface of 24 hours of the Jing Chuang, air conditioning central, independent toilet, hot water, free broadband. Hotel have as an attached institution has plain, distant, rash, arrange of another name for Guangdong Province and day type, Han Shi specializes in inn, offer the cate of different gust for staying guest.
Fast the room that 8 hotels provide clean and friendly service, it is business lives, travel and the first selection hotel of seek by inquiry kissing affection.