Hotel of Dalian Hong Fu
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Hotel picture Hotel fact scene is revealed Electronic map I want a comment Examine comment onHotel of Dalian Hong Fu - hotel exterior
Hotel of Dalian Hong Fu - hotel exteriorHotel of Dalian Hong Fu - between standard two-men
Hotel of Dalian Hong Fu - between standard two-menHotel of Dalian Hong Fu - old hall
Hotel of Dalian Hong Fu - big more picture... the concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that hotel of   Dalian Hong Fu is build of investment of You Hongfu group hangs out his shingle SamSung class hotel, the hotel is located in Dalian railway station on, the central position of shopping centre of depression bridge of triumphal square, green mud, harbor of distance Dalian passenger transport 3 kilometers, car Cheng 5 minutes; Be apart from airport of week of Shui Ziguo border 12 kilometers, car Cheng 15 minutes, traffic is convenient, situation is advantageous, it is Dalian downtown sexual price compares hotel of highest class of a SamSung.
Hotel on September 4, 2003 practice, the building is 26 tall, total business acreage 20 thousand much square metre, have 18 to 60 square metre between various standard big bed, standard double world and luxurious flatlet 364, all sorts of size assembly room 3. The limited company of meal of Dalian big source of 6 buildings basically manages the hotel authentic Korea barbecue and day type arrange, have volume between 16 bags, 45 people can be held between the biggest package. Barbecue of characteristic Han type, it is Dalian head home introduces airborne and fresh beef, and by Korea name hutch advocate manage, ensure you can sample the most authentic, fresh and tender Korea is delicate. The one cate square of hotel underground of the layer, can hold 500 more than person at the same time have dinner, cate square mixes “ climate, favourable geographical position, person ably the commercial element such as ” tries to deduce, reflect the dietary characteristic of modern adequately. Green, healthy, wholesome, be at ease, quick, environment is easy. Here the of all kinds that you can savor dish of savor another name for Guangdong Province, plain dish, Lu Cai and Han Rifeng taste is delicate cate.
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