Whole strategy of Dalian ski field
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Field of labor park ski

The position: Inside labor park, giant football on the west side

Charge: Entrance ticket: 10 yuan / person, cash pledge: 100 yuan

Ski: 40 yuan / hour / person; 70 yuan / 2 hours / person; (include entrance ticket, snow to provide)

Ski circle: 30 yuan / hour / person; 50 yuan / 2 hours / person; (include entrance ticket, snow to provide)

Zhou Yi comes privilege of half price of week of 4 students, children (festal except)

Characteristic: Build trail artificially, divide ski area and ski group division. Whole snow field has the area of nearly 10 thousand square metre. The 150 meters level in its is primary ski run, width is close 30 meters, average gradient is 7 degrees. Snow field equipment is advanced, establishment is all ready; Suit begin to learn very much
Person, children amuse oneself.

   Install wave ski field

The position: General orchid inn installs a town

Car Cheng: Be apart from Dalian car Cheng 1 half hours

Charge: Grow up 158 yuan / 2 hours (double cease day 168 yuan) ; Children 88 yuan / 2 hours (double cease day 98 yuan)

Characteristic: Trail is rich, snow field equipment is advanced, establishment is all ready, snow period is will come every year in November second year in March. The area is 30 square kilometre, fall 100 meters. Snow field shares 4 trail, among them, intermediate trail 2, length mixes 450 meters for 600 meters respectively; Primary line 2, length mixes 150 meters for 200 meters respectively. Trail width all is 50 meters.

Convenience: Abecedarian can begin to have the illuminative practice of ski on exercise field; 5 ~ are to gradient later 6 degrees exercise experiences gliding fun on field, include to practice turning, the skill of brake, after waiting for craft to have progress, can go up primary trail; The intermediate way of snow field prepares for professional lover, 19 degrees gradient can satisfy his to gallop the fun of snow-field.

   Field of immense forest ski

The position: Be located in well of Dalian city pleasant child area battalion city child village of the channel austral the town, be apart from city inside only 20 more than kilometer.

Car Cheng: Be apart from the car Cheng that downtown has 30 minutes about.

Charge: About 185 yuan / 4 hours (double cease day 215 yuan)

Characteristic: Evening show ski, romantic, suit office worker ski, the price is very favourable.

Convenience: Situation is advantageous, traffic is convenient. At present snow field in all open up trail 5, still have the education place of 8000 square metre at the same time, 800 meters of cableway are the snow field cableway with the longest area austral distant. From foreign entrance much stage is built advancedly snow and the equipment that press snow, invited the whole nation's famous ski coach, have a batch of seasoned professional administrator, it is the good place of Dalian winter ski.
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