Shenyang - red east - Dalian self-help travels (spending of 7 days of trave
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Shenyang red east Dalian a 3 buccal self-help parade Cheng consumption reachs gain and loss 7 days (Jinan sets out)

By August, the time that uses break off both ends to rectify 7 days and wife child travel to Liaoning self-help (Jinan sets out, , whole scheduling is relatively comfortable, if do not look after children,return compressible 1—2 day) , introduce according to carrying Cheng network, shenyang of make choice of, Dan Donghe serves as the place that goes surely repeatedly greatly, the introduction that the website that carry Cheng discovers after returning has many outdated or wrong place, experience among them do not spit discomfort, reason reachs his detailed travel spending gain and loss and broad ass friend to share. The thing with complacent perhaps flatter oneself, still belong to be duped or be in undeservedly, hope everybody criticizes point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

Begin itinerary:
Late on August 23 17: 28 by 1416/1417 second (He lustre comes Shenyang north) lie forcedly (138 149 110=397) , on old car, trip dinner and snack (23) , add up to that day 420 yuan.

## experience: To save physical strength, had better buy half price sleeper technically for the child.

The first day (on August 24) : Shenyang swims one day.
Early 7: 42 stand to Shenyang north, buy north of 25 days of Shenyang to red the ticket of K671 semi-cushioned seat coach east (24*2 13) , hit (10) enter boreal hill ave one guesthouse (120) , 9: 00 breakfast (10) hind multiply 220 (1*2) visit to boreal hill park (entrance ticket 36*2) ;
12: 00 multiply 213 (1*2) to in lunch of street Laobian dumpling (30) hind, visit to the Imperial Palace on foot (50*2) ;
15: 30 come out to be able to see sunny market eastwards from front door of the Imperial Palace, go a few minutes to look around to Zhang Shuai government office south edge street (20*2) ;
17: The 00 streets in returning are visited shop, arrive dinner of flat bread of bacon of open market Li Liangui (30) ;
19: 00 multiply 215 (1*2) night scene of city of view of square of government office reaching city, by 220 (1*2) return guesthouse to rest.
Buy map, mineral water to wait for about 19 yuan, that day add up to 500 yuan.

## experience:
1, Shenyang is public transportation and convenience, additionally a lot of circuitry can choose;
2, boreal hill is Qing Taizong emperor too extremely the Boerji after He Xiaoduan Wen Huang the mausoleum of auspicious spy family name, park entrance ticket 6 yuan, hill area 30 yuan, want to must buy 6 yuan park entrance ticket into hill area, park view is extremely prevailing;
3, Shenyang the Imperial Palace is Qing Taizu Nuerhachi and Qing Taizong emperor too extremely the palace that build and uses, smaller than Beijing the Imperial Palace much, but have full clear distinguishing feature very much, entrance ticket is as high as 50 yuan;
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