The brigade that my Dalian is away for the summer holidays - Dalian summer
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100 years ago, embezzlement distant east the Muscovite of the peninsula leaves built this city, give a name to her “ amounts to li of Buddhist nun ” , meaning for remote town, one is far from the place of Moscow and Sanket. 70 years ago, japanese is occupational this city, “ Dalini ” transliteration comes over, became the “ Dalian ” of Chinese, all the time continue to use up to now.

The seaside with the most beautiful Dalian is in city south, it is hill and sea reach the place that collect, beach of wooden club island, tiger rises east, astral sea park comes on the west, by a seaside the road connects among, winding go up in the hill of the seaside.

Dalian does not belong to the past. Although this city still travel is worn groggy railroad car, the railroad car of iron sheet is lapping the stale of years, the noise of jinglejangle is like with days crisscross; Although this city has the exotic building of the day type of type of so much Russia, cross as if among them place oneself at huge historical shadow, side side often howl is worn transmit pass through air cooling of spatio-temporal make sth dry or cool of make sth dry or cool, let a person shudder. But the delegate that today's Dalian is the new new city that China has vigor and competition ability most.

Self-help amuse oneself, care basic necessities of life above all. Say simply:

Talk above all, to self-help tourist, living is the problem that should solve above all. In Dalian, big big Xiaoxu makes much guesthouse public house. To living, I have two proposals, downtown or seaside. Live in downtown, traffic is convenient, shop and have a meal very convenient also, here recommends square, hope square, near friendly square and Zhongshan square. These places not only traffic extend in all directions, the environment is very beautiful also. But remind everybody to had better not choose, over there person miscellaneous environment poorer. Live in the seaside, it is feel well of gas of divine Qing Dynasty of course, but should notice to have a meal to be able to have inconvenience with traffic. Here recommends teach home Zhuang Haibin, there is one smooth public house over there, the key is with its his seaside photograph is compared, traffic is more convenient. If you are to come,Dalian goes vacationing, scarcely is living on be economical, live well the mood gift is nice. The hotel guesthouse photograph of Dalian is cheaper still to Beijing Shanghai, one evening 300 yuan, can live perfectly, but remember wanting to mix downstage counter-bid.
Talk again eat, be on short commons plays of course bad. My experience is to strive for breakfast is included in house price, use breakfast in the hotel as far as possible. The place that Dalian has breakfast is less, if do not have breakfast, the excursion in the morning will be very painful. As to lunch and dinner, can enjoy the seafood with delicate Dalian to the top of one's bent. To taking the place of seafood, there already were a lot of introductions on the net, I did not repeat. Besides seafood, still can taste another kind of characteristic, barbecue. Recommend there is a king around 54 square pitted barbecue, two individual engorge seafood of a barbecue, ability is controlled 70 yuan. The place that have a meal cannot be found unexpectedly to Dalian at the beginning of me, the course fumbles, discovered a few restaurants collect the ground. Bridge of clear mud frog has quick meal of various Chinese and Western, friendly square has a lot of cheap small restaurants, shi Daojie has the dining room with some of bigger dimensions south.
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