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51 plans and old be away on official business go rambling, the purpose is to rest bemused, because this does not want to go to the person's too much place, take no account of the tourist attraction of overheat. I and husband work in Beijing, wait for a few closer tourist attractions through comparing Dalian, Qingdao, Xi'an, Ping Yao, chose Dalian finally to serve as our destination.

The bill of the golden week is very bad to buy, a few order ticket dot to fail to order on ticket, the card of return a ticket seeks on the net finally, as it happens has an individual to retreat the sleeper of two Zhang Qu Dalian, every pieces are added 30. Through connection, do smoothly calm. When taking a bank note, know opposite party becomes travel agent, two member did not go temporarily. Alas, pardonable and ordinary common people cannot buy a ticket.

The first day: On May 1

Much at 9 o'clock in the evening T81, two therein lie, the car slept without how long on.

The following day: On May 2

Arrived more at 6 o'clock in the morning Dalian. Give a railway station the first impression is not auspicious, station square is randommer, person car is squeezed crowded.

The atlas of a mother-in-law was bought in street edge, ask a price 4 yuan, clinch a deal with 2 yuan. The station sees a map in roadside, the northeast money big hostel that discovers the classmate helps us order is in almost of Dalian most in the west, according to the experience of the card comrades that look on the net before, hit a Lan Bai rental. The car extends Zhongshan way all the way westing, went out to stand by a paragraph of the railway station, the features of Dalian varies greatly immediately. Street and capacious rise, transient size square beauty is clean, green grass is overlapping, road surface is very clean, air is fresh. Like very quickly to go up this city.

It seems that almost from east to traverse on the west a paragraph of distance of Dalian, the model that flew 20 minutes only when the person is little in the morning actually, reach destination 22 yuan (4 character small change did not receive us) , look take a taxi not to need to consider silver too much really in Dalian, the town is small really good. Northeast money has money very much greatly, school air is beautiful, scenery and afforest are wonderful. What we order is the mark of 240, the room is very big, have French window, look outside the window also very raise a key point.

Do the decision after resting to go first a bit astral sea park and astral sea square, place of this two place is great from money very close, going to be able to go. Our luck is better, encountered big fine day, the sea also is azure below the set off of blue sky, very flowery. Astral sea park does not receive entrance ticket, holiday person is very much, be troubled by. Go along coastal westerly, the appearance of one kilometer arrives astral sea square, all the way a lot of visit sea large building, it is lily exterior, look orderly and brand-new, very inviting. Imagining having among them is him, of the Ca after waking up everyday pull open a curtain, pink first sun rays in the morning and azure sea fill whole room at the same time. . . How happy.
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