Guideline of Dalian city amuse oneself
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The bus of ★ Dalian city basically is ticket of unmanned carry out, fare a yuan; Had better have first before taking a car so good pocket money, the car on advanced door (majority is car head position) , the door or back door get off in. Station shop sign must be valued before getting on a car, lest sit wrong way.

★ Dalian is a lot of more one-way, sometimes of the bus will go the platform is not on an artery, two platforms differ 9 streets. (if look for less than having nothing to do with, not miserly your language, but Dalian person is exceedingly enthusiastic oh)

The taxi of ★ Dalian is very convenient, if a few people (can hold 4 people of guest by the regulation by day) close make a car, the price is very appropriate. Because the area of Dalian is not very big,this is. The taxi of Dalian collects fees in odd of 20 yuan of less than basic it is round; Dalian taxi is outer the public praise among ground tourist is pretty good, clew: Dalian taxi has the sign of a puppy and number in front of seat of guest of in front of, the guest should remember this only, the vehicle cannot be found after once forget article,not be afraid of.

The square of ★ Dalian is one big characteristic, when curtain of night arrives, you come to square together in at one's leisure and close friends, can enjoy the cool not only dance, can have of all kinds and literary show sometimes. (a few square that recommend to the utmost: Astral sea square, Olympic square, people square, Zhongshan music square)

Inn of ★ high-grade seafood: Every day seafood of lane of seafood of fishing port, 10 thousand treasure, rich elder brother.
Masses restaurant: Restaurant of seafood of shop of restaurant of wine shop of reef of glorious wineshop, black rock, Shuang Chengyuan, old course, small a poetic name of China.
Seafood barbecue: Inn of barbecue of midday month seafood, self-help of princely restaurant seafood.
Snack restaurant: Inferior benefit snack.

★ characteristic is fastfood: Basically center in the commercial block near the railway station, be like: Triumphal square underground, new Ma is special 5 buildings, hundred years store

When ★ summer eats seafood or barbecue, must eat some of garlic more, refuse to obey with waterproof earth or food is not fresh.

The place that ★ swims: Park of sea of bathhouse of bay of the charm square of beach of island of beach of Fu Jiazhuang, gold, silver-colored beach, wooden club, inscriptions, sea, star, star, Xia Jiahe child (comfortable at children) .

What ★ swims is seasonal: Dalian is annual the time that Everyman can swim with entering the water is in the middle ten days of a month will arrive in July in September end.

What ★ travels is seasonal: Dalian from 51 arrive 11 it is travel season, hotel room and traffic ticket are more nervous.

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