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The scenery of Dalian is very beautiful really, road is clean and smooth, square is various afforest is good. I am told to everybody below a few experience after this amuse oneself.

Take a taxi:
Taxi word noticed certainly, I discover through comparing, green La Bai the taxi is normaller, and gules taxi is private more very hang those who rely on an unit, can circle a circle to slaughter a person, must take care. The taxi of Dalian starts 8 yuan, include 3 kilometers, later every kilometer 1.8 yuan, late after 10 o'clock, add close 30%
The value of upside shunt line is added below
Tiger beach is polar field - - stone chamfer (can eat seafood) 8 yuan
Language of tiger beach bird forest (not amused, the proposal need not go) - - stone chamfer is controlled 13 yuan
Stone chamfer - - seaside east road (along the road rambles circuit, by way of 18, blame slope, must let a driver demonstrate to you) - - Hai Zhiyun square makes a list 32 yuan or so, average nevertheless driver does not agree to make a list, proposal and driver discuss, 40 yuan can be taken
Rent a car go metalling and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength beach, make a round trip one day 260 yuan
The airport - - downtown (Zhongshan area) 25 yuan
Downtown (Zhongshan area) - - astral sea square drives ramble circuit 25 yuan


Black inn! ! / @_@ ! ! :
The “ go smoothly of inscriptions beach gets flavour restaurant ” , slaughter a person absolutely, everybody must not go! ! ! I eat seafood this, 4 dish 1 soup, the thing is insipid calculated, still very not fresh (estimation boss was changed under the counter) , the treatment that the most abhorrent is seafood is very rough, I had an opening small 8 ungual fish, outstanding come the ink of glibly, disgusting died …… final settle accounts wanted me unexpectedly 723 yuan, argue strongly with the boss, the boss returns behave like a hooligan. The name of that inn may be written down very not rightly, but the boss is very good admit, because have a very long knife scar to mouth from brow, seeing this look is not what good person! ! ! So ten million absorbs everybody my lesson, did not go to that be duped again! ! !

Good shop:
Chaffy dish of emperor city old Mom (the service is very considerate, flavour is very good also, namely a little expensive little) .
Barbecue of of one mind (absolutely good in quality and cheap in price, cold face of soup of the rice wine inside, edible seaweed, buckwheat exceeds delicious) .
The farmhouse village on Hilton (the capacity is particularly much, eat not to eat, the price also calculates petty gain, recommend a squid the dawdle of chicken of head of jellyfish of Hawaiian shellfish, old vinegar, big bone that stew, 3 bright lettuce) .
City of A strong congee (take food taken late at night) recommend ” of congee of seafood of “ highest grade, there is bowel of sea urchin, conch, holothurian, sea to wait inside, 1 68 yuan, enough 4 people ate.
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