Shanghai arrives Dalian 11 golden weeks 4 days of 3 evening go freely
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Just came back from beautiful Dalian travel. There should be a lot of friends to be able to go during 11 ” of “ grow a holiday Dalian travels, parade the brigade in Dalian Cheng and everybody are shared, the hope provides a few valuable information to everybody.

D1 (on September 23) : The plane 8 o'clock, behind schedule take off near half hours from Pudong airport. Arrived at Dalian at 10 o'clock about. Dalian urban district is not very big, start valence 8 yuan, elder brother is general very enthusiastic, knowing is the travel information that the meeting that will travel from the other place gives you to introduce a lot of Dalian all the way, we arrive from what the airport hits shipping beautiful bay (30 yuan) . Clear away baggage to go out to hotel room seek the ground have a meal.
According to the travel notes that the netizen publishs, the car on 30 terminus takes two stations road to go on next Lou Zaibin houses every day fishing port has a meal, get off going 3 minutes forth is. (there is a dimensions on the popular wishes street that nevertheless discovery is later opposite the hotel quite big every day fishing port, going by from the hotel is 2, distance of 3 minutes, very convenient, so from the back dinner of two days was solved over. ) the beer that ordered 4 dish and bright wine (107 yuan) , special those who recommend what Dalian person introduces to eat sea urchin and very much netizen raw to had mentioned is hot fry Xian child: Sea urchin must be eaten raw, with respect to delicacy of —— of a word; Xian child quite cheap, had rambled later the supermarket of Dalian, should be in Dalian hold out homely dish, very tender. Eat wine full meal is fully, gave the door to take a taxi went to astral sea park, of free of charge. The view inside is good, still have maritime skip extremely and fly fall. Emperor is on edge of astral sea park inferior marine world and polar world, hear of dimensions nevertheless not as good as the polar house of tiger beach, did not go in.
After coming out from astral sea park, the pace went to astral sea square all right. Stand to two stations road about, the doorway has a car, also can hit. We feel not far, want to go on the street, took the about 15 look that arrive 20 minutes. Street edge is the railroad car of Dalian. Workaday street person is very few afternoon, appear very quiet on the street, very clean also, it is to be in some Shanghai is very god-given feeling. Go until going up by the side of astral sea square to see good Le Di, go in sang half hours to hide incidentally meeting sun. Arrived the left and right sides came out at 4 o'clock afternoon, rambled along astral sea square circuit, strange big clinking. There is fine time over there recently nevertheless, heartland is risen to make pleasure ground land by the circle, when we go, only a few diminutive swim happy establishment is moving, also did not go in so, only outer group went circuit, see the carve of hundred years city there, high level building that still the house ”—— with that so-called “ the most expensive Dalian is built on edge of astral sea square. If have the word that 11 long holidays go to the friend, go later on a little that afternoon, can preexistence square outer lane rambles a little while, enjoy one whereabouts day, enter fine time HIGH directly next. The atmosphere of fine time is enjoyed in different ground, should be to fasten those who have interest. The technology that still sees fly a kite of a granddad in astral sea square is top-ranking, old far place sees kite is over there revolve, still thinking is of dynamoelectric remote control, approaching to see ability discover is granddad is controlling kite so, bring so that a lot of people surround view, it is COOL really.
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