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The travel notes of a few netizens looked before going, get a lot of information and help, the person that after after putting in the home 's charge, also wanting to be written down, go in order to consult, but this person literary grace is no good really, can write down dirty water account to allow authority only put up with is worn look.
1, a big bath towel, can build in the evening, swim by day with.

2, the sunshade on the belt, prevent bask in breast of the frost, rehabilitate after basking in, the sunshine over there is very fierce, my husband persuades next returning for many times in mine is resolutely of definitely need not prevent bask in frost, the result is basked in painful, remove a skin, gave out breast of my the rehabilitate after basking in.

Live: Guesthouse of Chinese China salary (large French window and balcony, have freezer breakfast 280/ is contained between the seascape mark of the air conditioning central / day) —— Hua Lu is a big group, sit the bus gets off in Hua Lu group can see

Eat: Hua Lubin has a noodle shop that Xinjiang person opens at the door the house, taste is good, price material benefit; The taste of the cate square of the dining-room of China salary guesthouse and first floor is good still but the price is very high, a dish of Yangzhou fries a meal to want 16 yuan.

Play: Brigade arranges a day when enter place to swim more appropriate, because local tourist attraction is to suit to trot along on horseback,watch a flower, need without what slowly of appreciate, with the group save worry be economical (want to get shopping place to do an iron cock-a stingy person in the tourist guide only, we see very beautiful pearl hand catenary inside, thinking anyway cheap (can bargain goes to every 10 yuan) , buy taking play pretty good also, can take 20 minutes to be less than bad, everybody must not be duped! )

Travel agent does not follow inside Dalian city, spoken parts in an opera of content of the travel inside Dalian city is sea of 6 words “ , square, shopping ” , those who follow travel agent to go is too fast, play bad, do not play satisfy a craving.

Sea —— does not go the bathhouse in square, change clothes, bathe, hire natant group very expensive, and water is very sordid, swim in water, you all around it is butt, polybag. . . . . Can go Hua Lu plays in the sea that you see in the room, each collect fees low much and water is clean, it is a road it is bend much, ask a person more all the way.

It is OK that square of sea of square —— star looks, very big, went to be encircled so that use nearly two hours, of other Great Harmony little hint.

Shopping —— takes light rail car to go 100 fill wait for big market, go up in a street, we rambled full a day.

1, Hua Lubin house goes out to have light rail bus (1.5 yuan) reach shopping center to each main sightseeing square, bathhouse
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