Beijing to Dalian 4 days of self-help swim (super- detailed)
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Before setting out had had the honor to read carefully previously DX people visit experience, bring many convenience to visit. But, what the DX before some places says is not very clear, keep the following distance so, offer more friend reference.

DAY1: Take Na Hang 20: The plane of 20 goes to Dalian, as a result of plane takeoff behind schedule 30 minutes, (plane range is normal because of 1 hour) arriving at Dalian already was at 22 o'clock, give the airport to take a taxi those who come to be decided in itinerary net is sweet continent big public house. (car Cheng about 30 minutes) the luxurious guest room that knows to be decided originally to the public house is big the accused already was not had, upgrade freely to apartment. 22:45, had done to enter stop add, put away baggage. Kill the China garden barbecue on the hotel to be in directly the food taken late at night of —— of the first project of Dalian. Nodded black lion of a bottle of Dalian (3 yuan) , 10 yuan of 30 strings hotpot are strung together, half jins of shrimp climbs child (it is the leather skin shrimp that Peking Man says, 9 yuan) consume altogether 22 yuan.

TIPS: 1, sweet continent old hotel sells a map 5 yuan downstage, fix a price 4 yuan.
2, sweet continent the environment is good, 4 stars, compare clean air, the service is not bad, the apartment that upgrades freely is apartment, double defend have kitchen freezer, but oneself cook. If be the word that a bulk will come travel, might as well come here. Because I am in,the luxurious guest room that itinerary net decides is 428 yuan / day (contain 10 yuan of cities to build cost) , upgrade freely to apartment, do not know the particular value of apartment so, particular value can ask itinerary network.
3, arrive from the airport sweet continent old hotel takes a taxi 40 yuan, bought a map to be informed a driver to give later winded a way (Cong Xiangzhou is 24 yuan to the regular price of the airport)
4, sweet continent the China garden barbecue on is pretty good, recommend 10 yuan of 30 strings hotpot strongly to string together, it is me eat during Dalian best.

DAY2: Inscriptions beach
7: 40 hotels take a taxi (12 yuan) to censer reef fast track train stands, driving master says to the car is done not have to the tourist attraction after next fast track again and again, suggest we take a taxi go metalling and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength beach. Because be in Beijing when had looked carefully previously the travel notes of DX, knew a place to have scene area bus, so sturdy confidence says to the driver, we go looking to go. (estimation driver is depressed bad) = )
8: 00 to censer reef fast track train stands, to inscriptions beach ticket 6 yuan / person.
8: 10 take on fast track, because be Zhou Wu's morning, the person on the car is not very much. Have seat basically. In the platform everybody is initiative queue up to wait for a car, beginning to still thinking Dalian person is returned is very mannered. But the car comes, people begins to flock and go up, its impetus absolutely the subway of no less than Beijing. Horrible ING……
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