Dalian brigade is suitable lie fallow 3 days to swim (Beijing sets out)
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Bird egg and I am to compare FB, travel is enjoyed model person. Since 51 went leisurely after Qingdao, want always to wade again Dalian, compare two likewise famous seaside cities.

One. Traffic:
We are the Dalian that go by boat from Tianjin, (the steamer ticket of Beijing orders ticket dot to be in east street of 4 Beijing University mixes 14 13 times between, phone: 64030473. ) here, we suggest everybody orders You Lun of Central Plains date strongly above all, the ship is larger, newer. We fail booked traveler order, with respect to a word: Be old! ! Next, proposal the first time dinner must have the friends that take a ship less. When seeing sunrise to board in the morning because of us, see have N much person one face is pale, spit so that be in a complete mess ……

Because time is close, so we choose to come back by air. The airline ticket that flies back to Beijing from Dalian orders the charter flight airline ticket that must be travel agent, so very cheap, 11 golden weeks still can be hit 5 fold 410 yuan (contain machine propose tax) . But, want to face it a few days order gift finally is OK before setting out to go to a few days order gift finally take lowermost discount, my experience is to want to fight brave with travel agent battle of wits!

2. Accommodation:
After examining integratedly on the net, what we choose is hotel of sunshine of plain king government office. Specific place is in port area wins on the west 210 hospitals on the side, give Dalian haven to walk along two stations road to 38 square to take 27 to arrive directly. The price between 11 mark: 168 yuan.

3. Program arrangement:
D1: Tiger beach Eden, polar house, sea route of taxi You Bin, park of pedestrian the East China Sea, night rambles Zhongshan square
D2: Brigade is suitable (dividing line of Laotie hill yellow Bohai Sea is nodded, 203 uplands, bai Yushan, naval port park, day Russia jail) , astral sea square.
D3: Silvan park perhaps metals and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength beach, zhongshan square, street of Russia amorous feelings, tianjin street shops shop.

4. A bit proposal that we are these a few days below.
1. Civilian it is a day in order to feed, solve above all have a meal problem. Famouser with the Dalian distinguishing feature that should have: Spring pancake, seafood, …… of Han type barbecue
Spring pancake is in Beijing inn of coronal spring pancake, on hotel of plain king government office, the cake of his home is very delicious, bao Youren, food amount is very large.
Seafood eats in glorious wineshop, near astral sea square. It is the place that Dalian person takes seafood, be worth to recommend very much.
Han type barbecue eats in barbecue of of one mind, 54 have Zhongshan square on the road, 8 wrong …… recommend 8 faults 5 beautiful beef, bake in flourishing fire, dip in on the sesame paste little material with peculiar of one mind, the bag is in lettuce, so bite, aroma is tangy, anxious tender goluptious ah the rice wine that …… still has them to abstain, icy acid acid is sweet. Result we two eat abdomen circle is roundly, cry answer Beijing to reduce weight ……
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