Dalian following a group swims to be read surely
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Dalian swims, the first day
Sit in army rich in the morning trailer coach leaves for Tianjin, pond buy. Discovery, so colourful on Beijing evening paper advertisement is answered finally actually fulfil company of a travel to be in charge of, no matter be a country brigade, black force is other still etc, will to pond buy turn joy into the client of travel agent, arrived after that after Dalian, be turned to Dalian completely again maple leaf travel agent, choose travel agent to become very simple later so, it is the cheapest to should seek the home only, went, giving Beijing anyway is to be on a car. Nevertheless, it is OK still that the service arrives, although have kind of feeling that is sold, but the service does not calculate too poor.
There are two hours to be able to ramble in pond buy foreign goods market, feeling and stake road or red bridge do not have what distinction.
Go aboard afternoon, it is new Shanghai date, return on the whole pretty good, act recklessly is clean. After the person goes aboard, just had not sat firm, outside hearing, the introduction of set up wild shrieks and howls can buy the range the bill goes boat top sightseeing takes a picture, actually after dinner, very good scenery can be found to go like fore accept as a souvenir, did not want completely to pay attention to, this kind of cruel advertisement is publicized! Additional, the bed arrangement that go aboard is very interesting also, do not have foreword completely, so very possible one night of a man and 3 belles chummage. In the morning sunrise can look, a bit cool nevertheless, had better wrap around so the quilt in cabin comes out.

The following day
Arrived early greatly Dalian, be without a stop next run tourist attraction. This day of Dalian left good impression to me. Let me decide me go out this of travel correct. Live in guesthouse of teach home Zhuang Huaning in the evening, very close from the seaside, although be an old SamSung, but serving as the place that rests night is pretty good. I feel this is close friends than living inside city to feel, the feeling because of the city after all very much the same, and sleep Mu Haifeng's feeling is god-given. The dweller of Russia far east that travels in Dalian is particularly much, can say the comrade of Russian can have good fortune so, because the girl of Russia is very enthusiastic, easy, be contacted very easily and communicate.

The 3rd day
The sea of Dalian is very beautiful, especially of park of the East China Sea, must go to park of the East China Sea looking so. The sea of Dalian does not calculate close, because her beach is stone.
The dim light of night of Dalian is attractive also be evil, a lot of Ktv often lets a person have actuation desire with the center that wash bath. Here reminds everybody especially, must not go the Ktv Bar of Dalian, especially at the back of Dalian guesthouse that, anyhow this kind very dirty, and the story that often firm slaughters nonlocal guest. If should loosen exhaustion of a day in the evening, can choose the somes big center that wash bath, over there general all sorts of services are very normative. Won't have the fast knife of black inn.
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