Go experiencing the romance of Dalian attentively
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The company sends me to go to what Dalian enters field of a travel exhibiting meeting, make me excited several days. Because of me person having the home is in Dalian, and I had not gone, the weather that hears of Dalian is very good, the environment is clean, this lets me be in Beijing is extremely yearning really for the grown girl in this foul atomsphere!

19 days in the morning 9: 40 ascended the CA953 that flies to Dalian second flight, wanted a seat that relies on a window designedly. Not be first time by air, but I should lean every time window, because every time sees that wispy cloud outside the window,always make my body and mind cheerful. This is not exceptional also. Beijing weather fine is good, had been in an instant over cloud layer. Since had looked " develop the sky " the harbor of this depict flier piece, expect extremely to ethereal world, the sea that see cloud layer begins only or resembles calm is same, sea day does not have a bound, be like my handstand to read the ocean in beach! (clear what meaning? *0* ) the appearance that Yun Tian inserts continuously like turning exterminate resembling fierce into hill a little while, cloud post lower part does not look after all, be like boundless ……

In the world that is enmeshed in cloud of this commutation multiterminal in me when, pilot says Dalian weather is bad, change flying Qingdao! Day! Qingdao? Do not pass it may not be a bad idea, had not gone, ha! Really pretty good, anyway I do not drive time! Ye! ! ! After the flight that who tells to pass half hours arrives at Qingdao, do not let leave a plane, the weather over there also is shade heavy, black clouds is pressed very lowly. Be over! Plot did not prevail. Dry sat Dalian is flown back to again after a hour, at this moment already afternoon at 3 o'clock.

I live in Dalian Kaibinsiji, the assembly room can exhibit a center in famous astral sea square, the last day after the activity ends I along can exhibit straight path goes to a seaside on foot at the door the center, experience sea wind to had been blown oh hair, face, all over, there is the flavour of the sea in nasal cavity, I was intoxicated I had not come to …… several years seaside, what let me this be experienced is the sea not merely is broad, also experienced clinking chill! The seaside is really cold! I had been considered must not so much, want to keep …… a little while more only

Besides the climate of Dalian, I experience the passion of Dalian person likewise.

Go from Dalian airport on the road of the hotel, it I ask a driver where eats seafood is good that I ask a driver where eats seafood? It what eat is good to what eat? The driver tells me to say, go to big wine shop expensive, be inferior to looking for a market to buy the freshest seafood, take small restaurant, to the boss 15 or 20 money machine cost, both sides is benefited! It is a fact really sincere the elder brother ” of “ ! After all I am not big money, such proposal I very benefit from!
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