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Dalian is typical romance. The littoral scene of the charming and gentle such as blue sky, blue sea, Bai Sha, black reef, the rich humanitarian emotional appeal such as construction of building of ancient Rome pillar, type of European circle dome, Russia building, baaroque building, the numerous beauty such as football city, travel city, dress city, pagoda tree beautiful city praise, make confused of this city extraordinary splendour is shown, live scene is unripe sweet.
Area size: 0411
Postcode: 116000
Division into districts: Administer Xi Gang, Zhongshan, sanded bayou, Gan Jing child, city of brigade read smoothly, gold 6 areas, tile-roofed house inn, general orchid inn, Zhuang He 3 city, long sea 1 county.

Panoramic visit

Scenery of Dalian south seaside scenic spot area 43.2km2 of terraqueous gross area, full-length the seaside of 30.9 kilometre is mountain of bridge of beach of village of the island of marvellous Chui of 10 scene area inside road general beauty spot, stone chamfer, tiger, Beijing University, bird's nest, beautiful level ground of lunar summit, Fu Jiazhuang, Jin Sha, Baiyun.
The position: Seaside of south of Dalian urban district.
Area of scene of marvellous Chui island It is the scenery resort of main landscape with hill, sea, island, beach.
The position: Dalian city Zhongshan area seaside east road. 712 public transportation can arrive.
Entrance ticket : 20 yuan. Phone: 82898834. Open time 8: 30-17: 00.
Small stick person: Guesthouse of marvellous Chui insularity: Be located in area of scene of marvellous Chui island, zhou En comes, the national leader such as Zhu De, Liu Shaoji, Xie Jianying, Hu Yaobang, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin has lived here.
Area of scene of stone chamfer village Scene area north has open meadow and woods. Coastal bank has zigzag send, danger and extraordinary, have the sea reef such as tiger tooth reef, beauty reef. Scene area is mid have briny outdoor bathing place, the reservation inside scene area has littoral fishing village, can make the person appreciates the folk-custom of urban seaside fishing village and view.
The position: Dalian city Zhongshan area seaside east road. Between marvellous Chui island and tiger beach.