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51 Dalian self-help swims | 51 Dalian freedom goes | 51 travel to Dalian | 51 swim to Dalian self-help | 51 to Dalian travel strategy

51 Dalian self-help swims | 51 Dalian freedom goes | 51 travel to Dalian | 51 swim to Dalian self-help | 51 to Dalian travel strategyFast track route chart
The journey: The train faces guest L183, 30 days of evening 12: 43 set out

Hotel: Low-cost situation good calculated women edifice (2 stars) , made a telephone call instantly then (0411-88332453)

On May 1 afternoon 16:30 arrive at staying ->Triumphal square ->Crab child building seafood ->Friendly square
On May 2 railway station ->Inscriptions beach 14:30 ->Park of tiger beach ocean
On May 3 - of astral sea park>- of astral sea square>Dock

Original plan sits T81 30 day set out at 9 o'clock morrow 6:00 arrive at, but counterfoil cannot be bought originally, was bought to run by travel agent go ahead of the rest completely, be forced to buy the L183 that arrive a passenger, 30 days of evening 12: 16:3 of 43 morrow setting out0 arrive at
Good boil not easily at 12 o'clock of too impatient to wait ran to the station to get on a car, discovery is to resemble us more very such tourist, still a few follow round passenger, be forced to be squeezed nightly set out
Our position still has calculated, in going up, falling is young lovers, the one contrast of lower berth is more acerbity, often talk about some of thing that old man old lady talks about; What spread on is more interesting, the girl provides the name of boy pig, pig
Rose to had arrived in the morning northeast is taken, the place of the course unusual be out of practice, have the one-storey house of a few shabby disrepair only, odd peasant household is wrapping babushka to be by railroad glean and collect scraps
Because be to arrive a passenger, every station stops, want slow dead, the railway station of by way of is very small, establishment stale, compare with southern station a lot of more inferior, can experience the taste that gets Japanese army aggression to the front of liberate even,
Feel very hold back is bent, then dispose of all snacks are immersed oneself in next sleep then.
Good arrived not easily Dalian, swept the taxi of street first, it is Sang Hejie for the most part amount to, xiali seeks sign of look forward to already hard, still have not little little love, color is blue white alternate with, resemble ocean wave and Bai Yun quite
There is a lot of to draw a customer before the railway station as major city, be chaotic, we stand one piece to ask about return ticket, decide to Tianjin farewell Beijing takes a ship when going back finally, steamer ticket is 160 yuan 5 wait,
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