My Dalian seafood strategy
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Seafood of Dalian of first time contact is when CHINALIGHT works, give common difference, the friend of Dalian always should prepare seafood big meal. The famousest at that time is every day fishing port and Shuang Chengyuan. Eat sea urchin raw, steamed crab, sauce abalone, water boils leather skin shrimp, unripe mix holothurian, oily frowsty prawn, eat opium fish raw, still have jellyfish of cold and dressed with sause, every time wine full meal is full leave Dalian, take away even full product of one box sea. Having vomit and diarrhea the following day is often thing, still lack to seafood in those days bear force. Crapulence one secondary rests a week. The most interesting be did the seafood that bring back, invite a friend to sample together, after Maggie ate a few steamed conch, saying is to give everybody to plan tea, disappeared suddenly. Passed for a long time, just discover she is drunk, heavy is asleep. So the head of this conch cannot have more, grew heart later, when eating conch again, pick brain. But Maggie one's heart still fluttering with fear, insist to eat conch no longer up to now.

Every day fishing port now still the business is prosperous, although be like so one branch alone beautiful, still be the main place to go of honoured guest of a lot of Dalian native fete. A few people of brotherly are opening a branch severally. The office calls 4 downstairs, estimation is old quarto. To compete, satisfy the psychology that consumer loves the new and loathe the old, rise newly be called: Feed era newly. But in mouth of a lot of rental drivers, still cry every day fishing port 4.

Shuang Chengyuan is compared abjection, friend of Dalian this locality entertains guests to be chosen rarely recently here. Instead is small a poetic name of China (inside labor park) , yun Moyuan (name violet Guang Ge: By fire department) grabbed limelight gradually, seafood is low-cost, taste is Dalian this state, midday, explode in the evening full, queue up even sometimes. The guest is much, reverse a stand fast, seafood is fresh all the more also.

Ask foreign client to eat seafood, bright phearl of the East China Sea (shipping on the side of beautiful bay hotel) special material benefit, still can hit midday 8 fold, the beer on draft that makes oneself is bought send one, classics regular meeting encounters special offer dish. Because sexual price has been compared, book packet of room very hard in the evening, at this moment the contemporary vogue that optimal option leaves this is not remote namely (democratic square) , seafood nature should differ a class, but the banger assorted cold dishes of Harbin is a characteristic. On the side opened seafood of an aid city newly, seafood price does not poor, match dish not to have characteristic again, I had tried to decide no longer patronage.

If still feel class is insufficient, can choose seafood of 10 thousand treasure, have in democratic square and labor park, here adornment is luxurious, the service is considerate, you let aching when eliminating finish credit, won't have again other and unwell. The place that still one place eats seafood must want to be told, there is village of chamfer of a stone on seaside road. Here is a little fishing village so, the city is developed later so far, flat faced the sea to open restaurant. In summer, 35 close friends, admire wine the sea, very free. When Sars erupts, the company organizes pedestrian seaside road, go to here to also cannot move again, became the prisoner of war of seafood darlingly, delighted ground engorge.
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