Dalian - Qingdao - Yantai - Qu Fu - Nanjing - Zhengzhou - Luoyang the briga
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Inaccessibly so much money travels, that is mixed oneself beloved person goes together! Carry my travelling bag on the back, taking my girlfriend, the romance that begins us is itinerary.
Because just saw the limitation of program transcribe time, so, we or decision go out between 51 long holiday. Although a bit more expensive, a bit more crowded, that also is the thing that does not have method!

1-2 day
The first day: Dalian of Beijing non-stop flight to: Airline ticket cost price 710 yuan / =1420 of person X2 person yuan (when arriving, can buy dozen lose airline ticket, have bit of it's hard to say, still plan by cost price so! )
Book steamer ticket (go to to the front of be booked after a city first commonly the ticket of next destination or steamer ticket) .
Accommodation: Of two worlds, book (accommodation can be booked ahead of schedule on the net) 300 yuan or so.
Circuitry of travel tourist attraction:
The first station: Tiger beach
Seaside road a gleam of is very long, can set out from astral sea square, walk along Fu Jiazhuang, visit tiger beach again, go finally the charm square of the sea, this paragraph of road is in the setting sun when the most beautiful, still can ride a bicycle, accompanying littoral villa, romantic extremely, here is the elite of Dalian, in the tiger the beach still can take houseboat to swim to wooden club island.
(house of animal of sea of theater of joy of house of polar and marine animal) cover a bill 140 yuan (2.5 hours) give gate bill
(language of bird of house of coral of park of tiger beach ocean forest) 35 yuan (2 hours or so) , 4 dimension cinema 35 yuan (10-15 minute)
The 2nd station: Area of stone beach scene:
Visit time to be 3-5 hour (150 yuan) chase field (hit 3/ freely to send caliber musket) / inscriptions golf field or Jin Wan golf field (hit 5 lever freely to practice a ball) / waxwork house / the house that enjoy rock / inscriptions predestined relationship / China fierce.
The 3rd station: Street of Russia amorous feelings
The 4th station: Triumphal square
If have time, before still can sleeping in the late evening, go out to ramble, visit the square of sea of star of night scene —— of Dalian. Other chooses a tourist attraction fully: Silvan creature park, labor park.
Travel, shop and eat expenditure to predict: 1500 yuan

The 3rd day

Sit in the evening the following day ship goes to Yantai (7 hours or so) ,
Day the Huaihe River is luxurious passenger ship 20:00 3:30 arrive. =360 of person of 180 yuan of X2 yuan
Head for Qingdao by car next. Such it may not be a bad idea, aboard can sleep in the evening, be equal to rest. Arriving at Yantai is at 34 o'clock in the morning, can prep against faces south, see beautiful Yantai.
Before Yantai is OK city of water of cabinet of past a fabled abode of immortals, a fabled abode of immortals, the Eight Immortals in the legend crosses big talk to have a look, want time one day about.
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